First we waited a pretty long time for Kuno to fire up the car, assume they had some issues staring or getting him into the car. And I want to race against someone so I always waits on the one in the other lane.

Then we got hold before the burn out for a crazy long time… I want to do a rolling burn out and I really DONT understand why the track crew is the one to hold me and decide when to do the burn out!?… We have a procedure to do what we do to be able to do it correctly!… My plan was a long smokey burn out to get some heat in our brand new tires!… But that did not happen!..

Next, I went into pre stage and then I was sitting waiting forever / almost 1 minute waiting on Kuno before we both finally were in stage…. And cylinder head temp and transmission oil temp about 45 Fahrenheit more than normal…

Shock the tires hard directly on the line… And after that I almost ran over one in the shit down area that was standing in the middle of the track when I looked forward again after checking around in the car and turned of all bottles and so on!…

So now I’m kind of lost, on to the next in about 1 hour or so.


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