Ok, let’s do some more Scania truck work!

Bänkt of course did his thing just like always, trying to keep everyone involved happy just like he always do! 🙂

In the beginning of March it was finally time for sand blasting of the frame from the cabin and back and after that the chassis got some paint to keep it from start rusting again!

Then after a couple of weeks it was time to continue with it!

So in the end of March Krille and Fredrik went to Ludvika to start assemble the truck again after sandblast and paint!

Of course Jörgen was there too and I want to say thanks to Pontus and Klas for helping out!

During the time I did some changes and finishing up things on the Vette that never was done when it was built!…

like holes in the 4-link brackets, window net that was installed way stupid and more!…

Bänkt wasn’t there so it was a pretty peaceful weekend!

Thanks to Jörgen and everyone involved for making this happen!


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