We are still at Santa Pod Raceway, just having a good time, spending time together, servicing the car and watching the rain! 🙂

This is how our Sunday ended, on the grandstand in the sun!

After that we got some food and a little Sunday party! 🙂

On Monday we took the engine apart!

All looked just great after the weekend!

So we put it back together again after some control of the parts.

We have made some changes to the transmission to hurry up the wheel speed!

The ladies went out for some exercise in the great Monday weather! 🙂

The car is done!

Monday was a good day when it comes to the weather!

So we had some BBQ!

And a nice evening! 🙂

Then pretty much all Tuesday and so far all Wednesday we have been sitting here listening to the rain in our tent!

We are just eating and relaxing as much as possible!

But I must say that I’m happy with the amount of rounds this past weekend, total 7 rounds where we kind of made it down the track in 5 of them! Not the numbers I’m looking for but we are on to something and we will be faster!

Compared with last year when we made 7 hits total on all 3 events we went to!…

No more Pro Doorslammer!

It’s now time for Pro Modified this coming weekend at The Main Event!

We are hoping that the weather will be better tomorrow because we are looking at making some test rounds, I want to see if the changes I made to the transmission and power curve will get us in the direction I want!

Stay tuned! 🙂


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