And the camshaft is still ok!

After a couple of rain delays we finally got out second qualifying round at 20:00 this evening!

I’m getting closer to find a tuning window but I’m still way too low on power!… It’s a HUGE difference between a roots and a screw blower when it comes how much fuel you can give it or how much timing you can take out!… But I’m learning! 🙂 And I want a screw blower!! 😀

It’s been a long day of waiting today, again!… 🙂 First round got delayed due to a crash, what I heard the driver is ok but at the hospital!… 🙁

Then we got som rain, after that we rolled down for Q1 and we got some more rain in the line up… Made a pass and got some data!

Then it was time for the waiting game again!…

Then after a couple of hours delay again it was time for Q2! But… We got some rain again in the line up!

Sofi found a great hiding place in the rain! 🙂

A rainbow is not what you want to see when it’s time to make a pass!

We are ready for tomorrow with a new transmission to get some more wheel speed, and we have also put together one more trans so we can add even more ratio after the first pass because I’m pretty sure we need it!

After that we had some Taco Friday with grocery’s from ICA Gärdet! 🙂

The Vette is serviced and ready for Q3 tomorrow!

And now it’s time for some sleep!


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