After some rain delay in the line up we got a round that was enough to get some data to work from!

But after some adjustments in the drivers area after Norway I found out that it was even harder to see the tree when I’m in the right lane… So I did have a lot problems to see the pre stage and stage lamp and getting in to stage so I needed to listen to Micke when he went up on 2-step so I could do the same…. So the reaction time wasn’t that great! 🙂 But I held the pedal to the floor until 3 seconds out when I started to shake some so I was off the throttle!..

Well we got som data to work from at least!

The Vette is serviced and we got some food!

We will go out again really shortly against Gullan if the rain stays away!… We just got some drizzle!…


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