Q6 was everything but a good round!…. Due to some mess up when it was time to start the car, no water when it was time for the burn out so the tires got stuck totally! Backed up and gave it some more throttle and made the burn out, then I had a hard time to see the three!… And it took longer time than what I assumed for Jari to go into stage so I was standing a long time on the 2-step and the engine rpm went down so I released the button and then Jari was in stage so the pass started really bad and then I had the chutes out way early and we did not have third gear!…

After all we made a 3,96 @ 302km/h anyway!… There is room for improvement here for sure! 😉

BUT! The only good thing about the pass is that I found out that left lane is just as good as the right, so a really good job by the FHRA crew here at Kauhava! 😀

It’s time for a transmission change for some better numbers!

And service of it!

Giving the motor some love!

And Sofi is fixing something to eat thanks to our awesome partner ICA Gärdet! 😀


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