Ok, let’s do even more updates about what we have done on the trailer during the end of last year! 🙂

Below is from the end of October 2021!

After many years it was finally time to get the last detail done on the side door installation, a little simple stainless steel strip to make it look just like I want it thanks to Sofi and Max! 🙂

Also I got a pair of protecting roofs over the power in and outlets on the trailer thanks to Björn and Tobbe at TGPAB!

I also made sure to have my own inventory of led lamps to the trailer because I think it might be the worst junk I ever bought… 🙁 Everyone says “go led and you never need to change a lamp again” but if you ask me it’s just bullshit because the ones I mounted new when I switched out all lighting on the trailer a couple of years ago doesn’t have many hours on them but I have changed 3 and I got 2 more that is on the way to go out… really bad if you ask me!…


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