Me and Sofi arrived at Hudik Raceway about 5 hours ago! And after that we started to arrange the pit area which was a little bit of a challenge on two people and on top of that I have never put the tents up because I always start to work on stuff around the car when we arrive to the track! Well thanks to Stefan and Victor from LL Racing for helping us out with the heavy stuff! 🙂 And tomorrow around lunch dad will arrive and Max will be here tomorrow evening so on Saturday everything will be back to normal again! 🙂

But we are pretty much done, the race car and kitchen will go out tomorrow morning after a good nights sleep! 🙂

But first I need to look at some stuff in the computer, I pretty much have forgot how the Racepak and MSD Grid icons looks like! 😉 Haha! But I sure look forward to tomorrow!! 🙂


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