Pretty happy and exited just before the pass! 🙂

There is still a track issue I guess, car went a little bit longer today because I was easier on the timing and ramped it in a little bit softer. 60ft is good with a 0.97s but it started going into shake again around 2-2.2 seconds. Today I did keep the pedal down a bit longer but the car started to move around too much so I let off the throttle…. ended up with a 4.00s @ 274km/h…

Would have been a pretty good round if I could held the hammer down all the way!… Guess that the problem solver is just to keep the timing out after half track instead so I won’t rip off the track surface…

Again the same thing with the tires, picking up the track and I can see pretty much which part of the tire that was attached to the track during the shake….

Now to the really bad thing….! The rear end gear set was all quiet when pulling back the car to the pits, I did think FINALLY!!! Now we have a fully working rear axle! So I decided to pass qualifying round 5 and take it out just to recheck the backlash and see how the pattern looks.

Right here everything was just fine!..

And when we got the third member out we found that the rear pinion bearing was damaged, it was new yesterday and I have never seen anything like this before…. Good thing is that the ring and pinion still looks good and we are able to use it again! This made us only get one round today, but like it looks right now we will be able to get it back together again with some help from Raymond Blixt, dad and Max are on their way to his shop right now about one hour from the track to borrow tools to change the pinion bearing..

Starting to get really tired of third member and parts issues!….

Well…. We ended up on the number 6 spot with 2 passes that went wrong after 280-300 foot….

Hold your thumbs that we are able to get this race car together again during the night, for the second night in a row working on the third member….


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