Last week me and Max got the truck back together again and it is ready for the trip to Malmö Raceway in little more than a week from today!

I did have a lot of trouble to get the brakes back together again, guess it’s because it’s an old model and a dragracing person is stupid enough to still use it…! 😉

I hate air brakes as much as I hate shitty persons that promises / say things and then do the total opposite!….

Thanks to Jörgen Berg for your support! I even got dad to spend some hours on it with me! 😉

Anyway me en Max (of course) did put it back together Thursday last week and took it for a test drive and everything works like it should now! 🙂

Max felt sorry for me I guess and made sure I got a really nice dinner afterwards! =D

Now it’s only the rest of the circus that needs to get organized and ready before TD round 5!


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