Once again I almost fucked up on the three agains a fucking bumping turbo junk car…. up on the 2-step for 2.5 seconds usually I’m on it for maximum 0.5….! I was screaming in my helmet, that’s the second time this weekend! I will never be a gentleman on the three again against someone that tries to mess up my round already on the three that’s for sure!…..

Now service and then up against the second in points in the series, Rimbert Wahlström and the Bankrobber Team! And we got lane choice.

Really sad that I need to take out pretty much the whole motor to get down the track on a slow pass without pedaling…. And no I don’t have a traction control, I tune my car for the track trying go fast instead! It doesn’t work every time but I know how to get down at least!…. 🙂


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