A lot of rain or at least it have been raining about 6 different times today on a 9 hour racing day….

Everything looks just fine after our 2 passes today and we are ready for tomorrow’s first elimination round agains Anders Edh with his awesome cool steel bodied Camaro with a Big Block Chevy power plant!

In Q1 I was looking for a good round but because of rain I slowed it down… Got down the track on a full pass but slow, not satisfied!…

After first round we found a oil leakage from the left rear wheel oil seal, qualifying round 2 got canceled due to the rain, good for us tho.

A way to thanks my friend Jeff Jones for helping me out the way he does! 😀

Sofi is taking care of the laundry! 🙂

Max is doing his things!

Round 2 I stepped it up a bit and got down on a 3.92@309km/h and that made us end up as the number 2 qualifyer this week! I needed to do some steering to get down so I was on the limit… Hopefully the rain will be somewhere else tomorrow and the track will be better!

And it was against Lenn Lindell in one of my child’s that I built! Like it a bit more just because of that! 🙂

The motor still looks great and tomorrow it’s time to be a bit more mean against it, hopefully we can find a new personal best for the last time this year!

As usual we got an awesome dinner from Stockholm Gourmet! 🙂


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