A LOT of driving and went into a crazy shake 1.6s out… Was off and on a couple of times but ended up with a 4.39 against Victors 4.25, congrats to our friends in the Victera Racing team! 🙂

Did have the weekends best reaction time for me, pretty good in the eliminations have I heard… after the finals at Tierp Arena two weeks ago against Victor… 🙂

We also made the weekends slowest 330ft time, all weekend we have been around 1.00 to 60ft but track is crazy goofy around 300ft and then all the way to the finish line, haven’t made a full pass during the weekend and have been steering to make the long way down track, pretty satisfied anyway that I start to figure it out but it would be funnier if the track would be in the same condition all the way instead of changing a couple of times on the way…. It’s pretty much like a in and off switch…. But this is also the first time I’m at this track and the weather is this good, sunny, blue sky and warm all weekend! 😀

Now I look forward to the race next weekend at Pite Dragway, that track is always in a condition that is easier to read.

Victor also did some driving but he took a straighter way down the track!

Car looks just fine and no parts hurted during the weekend and that feels good after the changes i did after Tierp when the motor did eat some stuff up… 😉


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