I was pretty sure the track wouldn’t handle so much power this early during the day so I took it down way much on timing, shift rpm and rich on fuel but the track turned out to be way much better that what I thought so during a clean up after the pair before us I did a quick fuel change and that turned out to be a good idea! 

But I was somewhere else in my mind… pretty sure I left my head in the trailer because I let of the throttle at a spot for no reason and then out with the chutes WAY WAY TOO EARLY!!! Already at 3.5 seconds… and I really don’t know why, like you can see on the speed that should been around 315km/h… 🙂

Also the parts issue is fixed to 99% like it looks right now! It’s fun to buy new parts and hurt the motor, miss a race, rebuild the new “ok” parts and then it works like it should…. Junk is all I can say about it, guess I need some Swedish made parts to put in the motor instead….!

Now some service, lunch and then put in a tune and go into the 3.80is for the first time!! 😀

Burgers from Stockholm Gourmet! 🙂


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