It’s already 6 years ago since I made the first ever test pass with the Chevelle at Kjula Dragway! And it was a crazy good feeling after spending about 400 hours on it the three weeks before this first ever outing! That also means it’s over 10 years ago since I started this project, building this car and make a little boys dream come true and getting his own Doorslammer! 10 years, time flies, it really does!! It’s crazy!! And today we are hauling ass with it!! Thanks to all you that been helping out in some way during these 10 years!

Please check out the build of the Chevelle side, I do sometimes and daydreams! Fun times!! 🙂 

After the first pass, still remember that feeling! 😀

This really makes me smile, 6 years already!!? That’s just crazy! 😉

It’s been a lot of people involved during these 10 years, some of them I really miss… Some of them I don’t…


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