The schedule we got when we arrived here yesterday told us that we will get total four qualifying rounds, 2 on Thursday and 2 on Friday. We did not get any today and that’s because of rain and we can’t blame anyone else than our selves for choosing this kind of sport but I must say that I got really angry when the stupid people that decide things around here told us that we are only getting one round tomorrow (without any good explanation why) and also really early tomorrow morning, we are pretty much one of the first classes out with our high powered cars which is if you ask me REALLY DANGEROUS!!! But of course, the people that decided this doesn’t own the expensive car and they are not behind the steering wheel in it like I am!… I am so fucking tired of being put to the side all the time so i start to loose the spirit to continue with this…. It really feels like we are just shit to the people that are above us and decide what we are doing or not…. After pretty much everyone in our class got angry about this decision they told us that we will get one more qualifying round on Saturday, I will believe it when I see it… And I will be surprised if I will see it….

This is the Top Doorslammer entry list for this weekend, 24 really fast cars that the spectators love to see go down the track and the organizer treats us like shit….

I don’t think we will a have fun round tomorrow…

Good night from a disappointed and angry Sjodin at Tierp Arena…


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