I did think about a vacation or something so I missed the tree totally and got a reaction time like an elephant….! 😉 But I really don’t care right now, we did repeat the run before and made a new personal best with a 4.076!!!! And did repeat the 60ft as well! 😀 And the car is still way low on power, I have done my homework and finally got payed for it!!!!! 🙂
Thanks to my good friend!!! 🙂

I must say a huge thanks to Brandon Pesz for giving me the opportunity to go over to USA and stand behind him watching what he does or not when he tunes a race car, without him as a teacher I would never got this far and learned how to read a graph and understand what the fuel and a timing curve does to a blown motor like this! He is also behind me always on a phone and does his best to answer all my stupid questions when I get stuck! 

He should be proud that he made a swede understand him! 😉 And I’m really proud that I’m tuning my own car and I don’t have anyone taking my computer and does everything for me! Learning by doing have for sure costed me a lot of money but right now it feels so fucking good!!!!!

 I might be a monkey behind the steering wheel but at least have something between my shoulders! Or did the tuning genius Brandon Pesz did fill it up with tuning ideas!? 😀

Something was wrong with the speed on the time slip but if I look at the Racepak graph the speed should be around 300km/h! 🙂

Pesz Power Performace and Brandon is also a partner and delivers a lot of race car parts to me!


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