We did not make it to the Tierp race… It was really close but not close enough… 🙁

We did not get the trailer together in time to make it to the first qualifying round on Thursday but we did keep on working to get to the track on Friday instead but late Thursday evening it all ended with 1mm too long pushrods, don’t know how but I did something wrong when I measured the lengths when I ordered them… It felt really bad after the hard work we made trying to get everything together on the trailer and on the Chevelle to get to the second race in the Top Doorslammer series at Tierp Arena… I got the machines to shorten then but I felt that I didn’t got the spirit to spend one more night in the shop fixing this because I know that I won’t be a good driver to take the car down the track the day after, and now after all it did not matter because the Top Doorslammer class qualifying was cancelled due to rain on Friday so we wouldn’t got in to the ladder anyway.. But still it feels really bad that we did not get there at all, it would felt like we won if we just got to the track at least!… But now we just need to put that behind us because it’s old stuff now and instead work to get everything together to the “Northern Swing”, only 1.5 week to TD round 3 at Sundsvall Raceway and after that directly to Pite Dragway for TD round 4! Hope to see you all there! I sure do look forward to make some passes in the car after this really bad start on the 2016 season! 🙂

A huge thanks to all you that helped out trying to get this together for me! Dad, Max, Patrik, John, Janne and Isak from our company, Erik and Lasse at Bengtssons Smide, Danne, Alex and Patrik at Berga Lås & Larm, Roffe from The Parts Stop Sweden, David and Bengt at Swedol in Täby, Jari from Eltric, Peter from Rörmekano AB, Åke Granholm for letting me use his truck to move the trailer with.

Without friends and help you are nothing, thanks for being here for me! 😀



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