Doing nothing staying home and getting about 45 hours of sleep the last three nights made me find the spirit to continue with this mean little machine… 🙂 Been spending the whole day shorten brand new pushrods and getting the motor assembled again, now without the recommended oil restrictors that I’m pretty sure caused the worn down pushrod tips on the exhaust side that after a while hydrolyze the motor that ended with a big boom in Malmö when we made the first hit for this season… Remade with all new stuff once again and updated rocker arm system with some new stuff from Manton Pushrods and this time it would be fun if I could make a pass longer than 2.5 seconds out… Anyway it’s all done and ready to go back into the Chevelle tomorrow morning, so we are getting ready for TD round 3 at Sundsvall Raceway in about 1.5 week from now!

Feels good! 😀


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