I thinks it’s pretty boring to just buy the same stuff that everyone else got, so that’s why I go the hard way build my own motor! I mean how hard is it to buy parts? All you need is money! But if you want to make your own stuff you need to be smart and it would never be possible without my great friends around me, Brandon Pesz, Jocke Månsson in our team and his brother Micke Månsson that is really smart and got crazy good machining skills!

I spent the weekend doing some special stuff on our new block!

American made above, Swedish made below… 🙂

Micke did draw and machine out a new close out plate to our new gear drive.

Machining receiver grooves in our new sleeves.


Installing and degree the camshaft.


Checking valve to piston clearance and retainer to guide clearance.

 Working on a new piston design.  


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