last round we had some problems with the trans brake button when we started the car but Jocke fixed it really fast! 🙂 This rund we tried left track and we got no traction at all and blew the tires pretty much directly of the line again…

It have not been enough track here today for us but I am really satisfied anyway because we found some problems that we fixed now, we start to have a tune up on the car and I start to feel comfortable behind the wheel after 3 hits today! 😀

This weather ends this day of racing!


Time for some service!


Don’t know why but he is happy! 😉


Max are checking the Lenco.


Time for some BBQ!! Sara and Marcus are the chefs for today! 🙂


Thor was my best supporter today!! 😀

Our sponsor Jari from Eltric was here today and made some burger lunch, awesome to have you here Jari!! Look forward to next time already!! 😀


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