Won E1 agains Victor with a 4.16 @ 267km/h! The car was really loose in the rear after 2.2 seconds out on the track, but I did keep the pedal to the metal until it started to fishtailing too much…. Out with the chutes and off the throttle early at 3.8 seconds…. First time ever that I did fell that I needed two hands on the steering wheel to get down the track!!! 😉

Felt good that we found something in the car to get it down the track again!
Sad thing now is that when I got down to the end of the track it started to rain…. And it rains like hell right now… 🙁

Wheel speed graph, not straight as an arrow… 😉 Did spin some up there…


This is sad! If this continues they will cancel the race and because the whole TD field did not make their passes our points from this round will not count in the total points standings in the series..


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