Tomorrow Tuesday October 25 we will be at our partner Swedol in Arninge for Swedoldagen and we will fire up the Chevelle at 11:00 and 13:00 and let the audience hear some Chevrolet Big Block music! 😀

Please come by and have a chat with us! 🙂

Me and Sofi did some preparations during the evening for tomorrow and we are ready for the long trip tomorrow morning, about 1 minute from the shop! 😉

Hold your thumbs that the weather forecast for tomorrow will change!

And here we are at The Parts Stop Sweden’s Swap Meet together with our awesome partner Roffe! 🙂 We will be noisy around 11:00 and 13.00, make sure to be here at Överby Gård in Sollentuna if you are around! =D

And we are finally noisy again!!! A really Good Friday today, the Chevelle is fired up for the first time in 2018 and loaded in the trailer! 🙂 Tomorrow morning we will go to our partner Roffe at The Parts Stop Sweden and his yearly Swap Meet! If you are in Stockholm come and visit us at Överby Gård in Sollentuna and listen when the Chevelle makes some noise (music) =D

Just be there! 😉

I always get that good feeling when I know the race car is done! 😀

Unloaded at The Parts Stop Sweden and ready to make some noice!!!! 😀

On our way to Sollentuna to make some noise at our partner Roffe and The Parts Stop Sweden!

Fun ride with Kermit! 🙂

Last weekend me, Max and Patrik worked on the trailer just like always but we also made time to do two sponsor events! 🙂 Plan was to warm up the car but due to no parts to the motor after we hurted it in Malmö on the test weekend we only displayed the Chevelle and did have a table with all broken parts to show how much that can get damaged in less than 4 seconds, really fun to meet and talk to the people that did visit the events.

The first one on Saturday we went to The Parts Stop Swedens Swap Meet that they have I the middle of May every year. 

A lot of people and motorcycles, just like always! 😀

Sunday we spent some time at Bengtssons Smides shop, this was one of the stops in the “Rod Run” that Lasse Bengtssons motor club have in the beginning of every season.

A lot of people and a lot of cool cars! 🙂

Above Erik Bengtssons motorcycle that he have build by himself. A really nice piece, that’s for sure! 🙂

Its a lot of people already here at The Parts Stop Swedens Swap Meet!! 🙂

We will fire up the Chevelle around 11:00 and 12:00! Come and visit us!! 😉




The weather is really nice, blue sky and it starts to get warmer outside! 😀

Come and visit us today at our sponsor The Parts Stop Swedens Swap Meet! We will fire up the Chevelle and make some noise around 11:00 and 12:00 be there!!! 🙂



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