It’s 05:00 in the morning and 54 hours of traveling since we left Santa Pod have come to an end! And now after 18 days together we are really tired of each other, and need to go separate ways!.. Just kidding! Haha, we are still friends! 🙂

When it comes to our trip it’s been pretty smooth, only small issues! Haha! ABS warning lamp, the AC stopped cooling, the trailer generator almost started a fire, pinched an air hose on the trailer that started a leak and dropped down the suspension and put the chassis to the ground. Then we heard a strange noice when we got back to the harbor in Travemunde yesterday and found an attachment for a fender on the truck that was loose! But I think that’s pretty ok for 90-100 hours of total traveling time and 3600 kilometers on the road! 🙂 So the rig did good this time also!

A quick little trip through a total of 6 different country’s from the ÅBM shop to Santa Pod Raceway!

Kind of funny, 18 days away from everything at home for 14 rounds in the Vette with mixed results at Santa Pod Raceway!… And before that we have spent about 6 months of preparations just to get there!

It’s been a lot of up and downs during Doorslammers, testing and Main Event! I’m not satisfied with what I succeeded with when it comes to the numbers on the car!…

Bad ass pic BTW! 🙂

But I’m learning, this is not simple and I’m not interested in paying someone else doing the tuning for me!

I’m really sad that the rain stopped our E3 round, that one might have been a really good one, but we will never know! So in my mind it was good! 😉

The weekend ended in a way I didn’t want it to and I need to figure out what to do from now on!

I will sum up the weekends at Santa Pod soon in a different post! 🙂

Thanks to Santa Pod and the awesome bad ass working crew for having us!

Thanks to the team, family, friends and all of our partners that made this trip to England and Santa Pod Raceway possible for us to do!

Stay tuned!


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