Me and Daniel arrived in Travemunde 7 o’clock this morning!

Yesterday we took the trip from the ÅBM shop to the harbor in Malmö to catch the ferry over the night to Travemunde harbor!

The trip went pretty smooth!

And the check in was really simple when we got the passports with us… What a mess it was in 2019 when me and Max forgot them back home!…

On the boat it was really tight just like always!.. 🙂

For some reason we got upgraded from a regular cabin to a suite, and we did not complain about that! 😀 Well, we could have spent more time in it but it’s only a 9 hour trip!

In Germany. Here we go again!

It will be a lot of this riding through Europe today, we got about 800 kilometers to the next ferry in Dunkerque / France that will take us over to Dover in England!

Hopefully late tonight! 🙂


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