I messed up totally in E2!… Had a hard time to see the tree and deep staged, did not see the pre stage lamp and when I saw the stage lamp light up I was like, FUCK!….

A huge congrats to Anders Edh with team for the awesome round and performance against us! NICE WORK GUYS!!! 🙂

But the car made it down the track again and I’m really happy with the weekend but I’m NOT all satisfied with the numbers!….

The time slip numbers are bad but the Racepak data shows something else! This will be good! 😀

The Pro Mod wives are happy for some vacation and sun instead of working on the race car! 😉

Now some mixed vacation and service of the car, building transmissions, looking at data from this weekend! Test on Thursday, and then do some data check / adjustments all Friday for the first round in the FIA series that starts on Saturday!

Stay tuned!


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