We are getting there with the Vette but there is still stuff to sort out!…

It’s been a messy day here today!… Started with the Racepak issue, and then some other messing around!

BUT, I’m pretty happy anyway! We have made 2 more passes down the track with the Vette! 😀

0.9568 to the 60ft in the first test round tells me I’m on to something, but still far away when I look at the Racepak data!… I went into a shake before I saw the shift light for second gear and when I shifted it went way worse!… That round ended up with a 4.06 to the 1/8 and 6.26 to the 1/4!

To the next round I did A LOT of changes everywhere in the car! I felt when I backed up after the burn out that something was kind of wrong but I could not say why I felt like the engine wasn’t idling like it should…

The car felt great but a bit lazy in the round, 0.9748 to 60ft and 4.04 to 1/8 and ended up with a 6.20 to the 1/4 mile!… I felt it was down on power and after the round when I looked at the data I saw that cylinder 1 was kind of out directly when the burn out started…. 🙁 And when we took off the valve covers we found a broken valve spring on cylinder 1…. So that was the power I was missing during the round, the good thing is that engine looks good so far, so we haven’t hurt anything!

Tomorrow is a day off for us, servicing the car and have it inspected for the Main Event that starts on Saturday!

Stay tuned!


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