Here is the last stuff that’s been happening on the trailer during the first part of 2022 from mid January to mid February!

Starting below with January 16!

Time to make some progress on the trailer again! Me and Sofi spent some hours getting the last cabin mounted in the rear right part of the trailer, looks a bit better when you are able to hide the mess behind 2 doors instead of being able to see all the stuff!… 🙂 Thanks to Bengtssons Smide for your support helping us with fabrication and material! 😀 Now it’s time to make a plan inside the cabin so it will fit all the stuff I want to have in there!…

Below is from the end of January.

What a SUCCESS!! 🙂 A couple of weeks later me and Max finished the storage cabin in the right rear part of the trailer! Finally a place for all stuff to be instead of having it on the floor everywhere and also a real mess to make sure it won’t move around when out on the road!… But now that is not a problem anymore! Think it turned out really nice, organized and are able to hide it, really like that! 😉

Thanks to Bengtssons Smide for the support with material and some fabricating! 😀

Next was to make the front storage area inside the trailer easier to organize so we don’t need to take out all the stuff every time we need something, think this simple solution was great! 🙂 Pretty much just a wooden board and we have two planes to have stuff on without the need of lifting heavy stuff too high and also like it is now we can reach everything much easier!

Not much left to be all done with the stuff I want to have in the trailer!! Will it be done this year!?

We will see I guess!!

Then I got a element in place in the tuning office, good for cold rainy days at the race track! 😉 Also got the tuning office cleaned up a bit and it feels so good that I made this corner like this, it’s here all the record setting stuff happens! 🙂 Made a place for all the brooms to be at and also so they will stay there when we are out on the road and not everywhere in the trailer! Then I got som speakers mounted in the roof, they have been laying around for almost a year now and I got this idea for about 5-6 years ago when we did remove the old lamps that was there earlier, a perfect place for speakers so we can have the track radio on and also for those record setting party evenings of course!

More awesomeness during the first week of February when I got the trailer cleaned up really good! It’s kind of crazy what a huge mess I’m able to create just by making some work inside the trailer!

It feels so nice to finally see that the light in the tunnel is close (and no it’s not a freight train coming) pretty much the only thing that is missing now is a calendar for the dates so we can go racing!….

How awesome!?? 🙂 Me and Sofi got the bathroom door finished and mounted in the trailer, thanks to our awesome partner Bengtssons Smide that helped us out fabricating the parts we needed! After that we also got some other stuff in place in the bathroom, right now it’s just some small details that we are missing and we can call the trailer bathroom ALL DONE!!

And this have been possible thanks to a lot of special people, both when it comes to the parts and also the work they have spent on it for me!

Last stuff that is made on the trailer in the mid of February is that we got some lamps mounted at each bed, maybe a good thing if you want to read a book or something on a rainy race day! 🙂


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