Enough about the trailer for now, we also got the Chevelle and believe it or not! We have spent a little time on it also! Just way to little!…

In the beginning of November 2021 i saw the Chevelle for the first time in over a year! Or more exact I would say 14 months! 🙂

It got a spontaneous chassis inspection because the inspection guy did call me and did wonder if it was possible to do it with that short notice and I took the opportunity to have it done of course! That made both the truck, trailer and race car inspected and approved for the 2022 season! Felt good with some preparations but after this it needed to wait a couple of months more before we could continue working on it!… 🙁

Then after about 6 weeks, in mid December 2021 it was time for some real activity in the Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing shop for the first time in about 15 months! 😀 And it made me get some spirit back to work on the Chevelle again! 🙂

Me, Max and Sofi started to take the race car apart and everything that needs to be checked is out from the car and all stuff that needs service and recertification are ready to go to the US!

So far all is good so now it’s just the wait on parts and service the motor, Bruno Drive and converter! The trans did Max already go trough and I did check the third member!

Ready to go to the US for some service / reapair!

And below is a problem that I got for a couple of years, the led back light on the Racepak dash haven’t worked. So now when I finally removed it from the car I heard that something was lose in it, but no biggie because I was able to buy a spare part and fix it!

And a couple of weeks before we started to work on the car Speedgroup / EDRS did publish the dates that is possible for the 2022 Top Doorslammer season, and after that it was a really long waiting game on the real schedule!… Would be a lot better if they could release it early so it would be possible to make a plan for the coming season…

I did say a while before that that we will hopefully be a part of 4 event in the series and I can’t tell for real where we will go until the real schedule is released!… And during this time we did still have the shitty Corona thing going on in the world as a huge problem compared to today in May!

After this the car got packed together again for the winter sleep so I could continue with customer stuff in the shop after some well needed days off during the Christmas and New Year holidays! 🙂

Then in mid January it was time to take the rest of the motor apart!

Me and Sofi took the motor apart that been sitting since we tested about 15-16 months ago… And everything did look just fine, bearings, rods, pistons, heads, valve train etc! 😀 But I think I might change out some sleeves that I should have changed already a couple of years ago now…

Measuring is knowing! 😉

Want to make sure the last small stuff is the best it can be so the motor will be even happier with some tuning changes that I will try whenever we can go to a race track again!… I hope in 2022 for sure!

Anyway, everything is cleaned up and ready to go back together again as soon as I changed some cylinder sleeves!

In the end of the first week of February Max spent some time getting the Bruno Drive checked and serviced, then he did the same with our Neal Chance billet converter and at the time did a stator change that I want to test and see what I makes to the car, then he assembled the whole unit together with our newly rectified Browell Aluminum Bellhousing so it is ready to go back in the Chevelle again when I’m done with some other stuff around it in the car!

Really look forward to make some passes and try out some new stuff I got in the making! 🙂

At this moment I did hope it will be a “kind of” normal season in 2022!…

And now in the beginning of May almost 3 months or 12 weeks later they finally have released the Top Doorslammer series!.. So now it’s time to find fundings to make the season possible and maybe do something on the race car that been sitting for 3-4 months because I did not see any reason working on it if there isn’t a series to work for!…

At the moment I really don’t know how much we will race this year, but I’m sure we will find out soon,

Stay tuned!


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