Friday last week when I felt that the trailer was ready enough to leave the ÅBM Shop we (or maybe more I) decided that we are going to give it a try to go and make some test passes to get some spirit back after this shitty boring year… But that also did mean that we needed to check the condition on the Chevelle because it been standing un touched since I passed the finish line at Santa Pod Raceway May 28 2019!.. So Friday evening last week me and Sofi took the whole motor down in pieces and checked it all out and we could not find anything that was bad so that means now we MUST go testing! Saturday dad and Max spent the day in the shop and we did check the rest of the car and it was all good, so late Monday evening the car was back together again, trailer cleaned out and the Chevelle loaded I the trailer! And once again thanks to my love and my right hand Sofi that made this possible, she’s been in the shop for about the last 2 weeks helping me out on the evenings / nights and weekends when she’s not working with her ordinary day job! Feels good to have a person that supports you no matter what all the time (even that she got a little grumpy about staying in the shop when it was crazy good weather outside!… 🙁 Guess I need to make up for that later on! 😉

So soon we will be on the road to Hudik Raceway, I will be behind the steering wheel and Sofi behind the computer working!

And we did just celebrate with a shrimp sandwich that it is Thursday and we are going to a drag strip for the first time in 450 days!!!! 😉

But it’s sad that this testing is without spectators, I think that seeing all the people is a big part of racing! Really hope this Corona shit will be gone to next year!

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