Sofi and I have made some huge progress in the trailer, now it starts to feels really good, we finally got a home (or box to live in) 😉

Couch and TV installed in the trailer, it really starts to feel like a home and I’m more than happy about it!! =D

A lot of beds on the walls! 🙂 And we are still able to load 2 cars easily in the trailer just by moving the couch a little bit! Just like I want to have it, simple and a big open room in the whole upper floor!

And then easy to put down the beds and make them ready for the team, interested friends, family, partners / sponsors that might want to hang out with us during a race weekend so they don’t need to find a place outside the track to stay when they come and watch us race!

Now it’s time to clean out some on the bottom floor and then maybe start to work on the race car!?!…


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