Its been a couple of crazy long long days this last week for me and Sofi… With a lot of help from dad and Max. And finally, the Chevelle is fired up and noisy again, and it looks everything works just like we want!

She is back in business again! =D

Wednesday the chassis was upside down and pretty much empty to get repaired….

And then we have been trough issues pretty much everywhere all the way but with some really hard work we found our way to get back in track again!….

Just work work work, and a lot of special people that helps me out!

The Chevelle is back together and fired up, now we need to load it in the trailer and try to make sure we will have everything around with us, go and shop all the food and stuff that we need during our trip. 😉 And at the last take care of the last customer stuff I got laying around in the shop!….

Right now it’s about 28 hours until me an Max are leaving the Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing shop and will be heading against England and Santa Pod Raceway, 4.5 days until qualifying starts!


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