Pretty good A to B pass for first round of qualifying, but!…….

Car was lazy, did not feel good at all!…. Then i felt it started to miss fire a bit and then more and more and it felt tired all the way to the finish line…

I got a puff of smoke in the finish line that was the oil suction fitting that got cracked… But the belly pan did work like it should and kept the oil of the track and when looking at the graph the oil pressure was still OK! So like it looks we just need to change the fitting, clean and check bearings to be safe!

And for the second time in two weekends I got one of the chutes tangled up in the rear axle…. Don’t think that the wind after the finish line in the shut down are here at Santa Pod and my aerodynamic body likes to play together!….?

Time for some service and see if we did hurt something except the chute around the rear axle, brake hoses, wirings etc… And then service of the motor and make it ready for the second qualification round around 10:30!

But right now, some really late lunch!..

And also, enough of bad stuff for this weekend now!…


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