In our pit space at Malmö Raceway and I’m in front of the computer looking at some old stuff…

Right now it feels good to be here! 🙂

But it was a mess to get in to our pit space…. Really bad communication from the organizer / crew here at the track, I was told I could get into my pit space at 4:00 today but when we got here there was some kind of truck meet that caused problems for us… so instead of servicing the car and do what we was supposed to do it was a lot of arguing and a mess to build our pit, feels really stupid to get here after an awesome simple weekend on a NHRA race, what a huge difference and we are only 78 team total here!!… I was really looking forward to this and get here yesterday… But I got kind of sick and tired today (AGAIN) but I hope I will get the spirit back tomorrow again after some sleep!!….

Hope that the rest of this weekend will make me forget today!…


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