Me, Max and Sofi did spend some time on the trailer before the outing at Mantorp. Did some cleaning, organizing and some improvements! 🙂

Late night in the trailer!

What a wonderful mess! 😉

Sorting stuff out that we been carrying around for years but never used…


After! =D

I did some well needed update on the trailer side doors! Feels so much better having everything on a position instead of just laying around in the trailer…

Trailer trash dinner! 😉

When you can’t find a paper roll holder that you like you better build your own! Been wondering for a long time what I should do with my 3.84 @ 315km/h personal best round rods, it felt so wrong to put them in the trash can… Now they will be around forever! Awesome products by CP Carrillo!

Love it, full control of everything when you need to have it! 🙂

And we were ready to go!


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