The Chevelle is ready for tomorrow’s qualifying, we got two more rounds first at 12:00 and last one at 16:45!

She is ready for a good nights sleep!

Schedule for tomorrow.

Motor checked and everything is still looking good, finally!

Max the transmission man is doing his thing! 🙂

Just some standard service, rear axle made some noise so we took it out and it was in a really bad shape… We got a spare that would work but Lenn Lindell / LL Racing got one that was much better and lended us that one, thank you buddy! This is what I love about dragracing, we are racing about it and we do all we can to help each other to make it possible! 😀

Awesome meat dinner from Kaare / Stockholm Gourmet! Can’t be better than this! 🙂

Tomorrow we gonna tune for faster rounds and more personal bests, stay tuned! 😉


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