Monday I started to check trough how much parts that was broken after the first pass for the season I did with the car at Malmö Raceway Saturday last week. It is pretty much that we did offer to the God of speed on that round that’s for sure… So we won’t get home enough parts in time to get the car together so I am sad to say but Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing will not be a part of the first race in the Top Doorslammer series next weekend at Malmö Raceway, that race is cancelled for us. 

It looks like I have found the problem that caused this and the whole motor is apart so I know that the block, crank and cam is ok! But pretty much all valves, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, pistons, wrist pins, rods and some other small stuff have made the last round down the track!

A bit boring and expensive BUT I am pretty satisfied anyway because the car have never worked this good ever before! It was on a good round, no shake, no steering no nothing it just went down the track and the Racepak graphs looks awesome so only thing I look forward to right now is the next outing for us that will be at Tierp Arena in June, it’s time to put some good numbers on that scoreboard! 😀 

I did learn a lot and I for sure made the homework on my trips to US when spending time with my friend and tuning genius Brandon Pesz, the Chevelle will haul ass, I know it! But it would work better with some more oil to the rocker arms… 😉

And also we will have our new trailer to Tierp, and that feels really good!!

Offers to the God of speed! About 2.5 seconds from brand new this is just junk!…

It started somewhere here, for some reason we did not get enough oil to the exhaust rocker arm on the pushrod side so it started to wear it down and when it doesn’t open the exhaust valve like it should do it starts to fill up the cylinder with fuel and after a while hydrolyze it when it gets to much fuel in it.

When the chamber is full with fuel the intake valve can’t open and it just snapped of two rocker arm axles.

Some of the cylinders that still opened the intake valve got the fuel that didn’t go down in the cylinders were the axles got snapped of and just pressed out the head gaskets on two cylinders.

This dome should be flat… It takes some power to do this!!

Today we took the motor out and took it apart to see if something more was damaged but it looks all good so I will just hone the cylinders and start to assemble it again and wait for all the new parts to get made and shipped to me.

Until we get parts for the Chevelle motor, we will spend the time on the trailer! 🙂


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