Last weekend was a good one, made a huge progress and we also fired up the newly built motor! 😀

The Chevelle is really close to be done after a long weekend in the shop!

Made in Sweden!!!

Awesome stuff made by awesome people! A huge thanks to Jocke and Micke Månsson for drawing and and machining out a stronger and for sure better looking snout and front cover to our blower! Swedish made parts in Swedish Alumec aluminum!!


Awesome, really naaeees! I like a lot!! 😉

 Fabricating blower drive parts and oil pump mountings.

 I was looking for one cable in the electrical system and got tired of the mess so I cut it all out and made everything new instead! 🙂 

 Ended up really clean!

Fuel pump update! 😉

Blower drive all complete!

We got oil pressure!


Motor warmed up and sounds just awesome after the updates we made on it!! 😀


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