I did take a little brake from working and got a cup of coffee just to check some on the Internet and got to my starting page on my computer, my own homepage of course… www.abmracing.com and did see the text “the construction of our Chevelle 65” in the menu, I did click on it and realized that it is exactly 10 years ago since me and two good friends went up north in Sweden late and Friday night to buy a chassis that the guy who once did race with “Bjursås Camaron” started to build. It did have a Chevelle 65 body to it, I bought it because one of my friends (Jonatan Skoot) that went with me on the trip called me a couple of days before and said “this is cool, you must buy it and put together your 377 small block, you got the little M block the Callies crank, pistons, rods, heads and also the blower you bought from Adam Flamholc, just buy it this will be awesome” so we went and bought it! From the beginning I was supposed to build the car for a Swedish class named Super Small Block and then my dad found out that we were not allowed to run in the class without mufflers and a real race car does not have any mufflers he said… So this ended up with that I started on a new chassis and sold the old one because it was now time for a Pro Mod car and after some more time I decided that the metal body and the fiberglass was to heavy so I sold the plastic parts and bought everything in steel instead so I could make my own mold of the Chevelle and get a carbon fiber body instead, and of course it went that way.. A huge thanks to Kenneth Holmberg at Swecomposite for believing in me and helping me out all the way! At the same time the body was done I got a really good deal to sell my roots blower and buy a screw blower instead and of course i did! =) And this changed class for me for the third time before the car was even ready to test drive, now it was time for Top Doorslammer instead! It took 5 years before I was able to test the Chevelle for the first time, during the build of it I did think a lot of times that “fuck this, I’m going to sell this stupid money eater” but I never did… During 2011 we did test the car many times at Kjula Dragway, 2012 we did compete in a couple of Top Doorslammer races, 2013 we only did 2 test races because of a really big update on the engine, 2014 we went to 9 races and made the whole Top Doorslammer series, 2015 we went back to take it a little easy and only made 3 outings because some big updates on the car and also that we are going to build a new trailer to transport everything in so we can make the whole Top Doorslammer series during 2016 again!
One funny thing is that after 5 years of building 5 years of testing the only thing I got left from the car I once bought to start racing with is the two tail lights, it’s a lot of work and a lot of time spent in this deal…

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth it…. Sometimes I say a BIG NO and sometimes I say a BIG YES!… Just wonder, what do you think?

Remember time flies, spend it right!




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