Finally, we are going to Sundsvall!!

Too often things don’t turn out the way that you thought… The same day that we were about to leave the shop and go to Kjula Dragway for the first race of the year I lost half of the people in the team because of communication problems, the way they act, people tell me that they don’t really know why they are in the team. That makes me really sad and angry because if they told me earlier I would let the car be in the shop this year just like I wanted and they did not, and I would saved a lot of money this year… But just face it, all people don’t understand how much time and work it really take to be in a dragracing team. Dragracing is a way of life and not something you just do a couple of times a year when you have time for it… You need to put some things to the side to live this life, not always fun but it will be in the future! Two guys that know what i am talking about are Jonnie Lindberg and Lenn Lindell. They forced me to go to Kjula Dragway the same day and today I am really happy for it! 🙂

So now after a couple of really big road bumps I have solved all the problems with transport of the car and the crew needed on the track, so we are going to the race this coming weekend at Sundsvall Raceway! Dragracing is a 24/7 job and then you have your ordinary job also, it’s not easy, but if you really want something you can do it. Been there, done that, so I know! And at the moment it also looks like we are also going to Gardermoen Raceway in august and to Malmö Raceway in September! And the main reason that we are able to make it is because of all my really good stand up friends out there, without you guys the Chevelle would be sitting in the shop for the rest of the year… Thanks! You know who you are! And a special thanks to Lenn Lindell for letting me borrow his old bus and Björn Friström for letting me borrow his trailer. Without help you are nothing. I really love my big dragracing family! =)

I can only say: “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll” And I will get there some day!

Now it’s time to give the Chevelle some love!



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