I have decided that we will not take our Chevelle 65 to any Top Doorslammer race this year…. 🙁

One of the things is because the bus is not ready, we haven’t got a shop to be in during this really long and cold winter, so when we started for real with it for about 5 weeks ago we did find out it was way more work on it, but it is just like always so I am not surprised…
But I think it is better to do it the right way now instead of having trouble with it in the future, and I hope that I will race for the rest of my life so I guess that I will keep this bus for a long time after all this work we are putting in to it… 😉

And if we will go to all the races this summer nothing will be done on it and we will have this problem again next year…

And also I got too much work to do in the shop and I can’t put the customers cars to the side, I don’t work that way, and as it looks I am the only one that can fix the last missing parts and building the last things on the car that wasn’t ready when we tested it on Kjula Dragway in September last year, and I want to have it all done the next time we take it to a track.

But the thing is that I can’t be everywhere at the same time and it is not fun to tell everyone all the time what to do, thats why it takes longer…

Right now I hope that we can test it on Kjula Dragway in June, August and September. 🙂 But I don’t know right now, hopefully I find the urge to complete it earlier if I get enough help and get some peace first.



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