I realized that I forgot to share our thanks for your support picture that I give to our partners, sponsors and the special people that helped us out in some way making it possible for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing to achieve what we did plan to do during 2019, I said already in September 2018 that we will go to Santa Pod and set a world record with our Chevrolet Big Block powered conventional headed Swedish Self-Built Bad Ass Doorslammer and I kept saying that all the way until we came to England and made that world record setting pass (twice) and ended up with a 5.88@242.5mph or 390km/h, how about that!? 😉

A lot of people said that I won’t be able to do that with the Chevelle, instead it got a new name from the tower at Santa Pod Raceway “The Brick On Wheels From Hell” and I’m more than satisfied with that! 😀

Thanks to all of you that made our short but record setting 2019 season possible! 🙂 The picture sums up everything good from this year but also is a tribute to our friend and number 1 fan Ulf Schill that left us last year way too young… 🙁

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Time to finally get the lighting and electrical power in the trailer permanently installed!

Just because we haven’t done anything on the Chevelle it doesn’t mean that we forgot about the trailer! 😉

Finally we have pretty much all the electrical power and working lights in the whole trailer!

Me and Sofi have spent a couple of hours or maybe more from September to December pulling cords and mounting power outlets everywhere and I have tried to find out where and what I want when it comes to switches, lights and power outlets…

Well after all I think it turned out really good!

A huge thanks to John Björkman that helped me fix the mess I created and got everything hooked to the electrical power central, thanks for that because I really don’t like this high voltage stuff! 😀

Felt pretty good to remove all the extension cords and the temporary electrical central that we have been using for the last 3-4 years!… 😉

Now on to next thing in the trailer what ever that will be!… We are moving on slowly but right now at least in the right direction on everything we are doing! 🙂

One week ago me and Sofi got the Chevelle back on the pro jacks about 7 months after we made the last pass in England and now it’s back in the winter spot in the ÅBM shop! Kind of funny that it should take 4 months to get it out from the trailer and then 3 months to move it a couple of meters to the side… Time flies for sure! I really hope that 2020 will be a better year and I year when I can spend more time on the racing instead…. 🙂

Now it’s time to start think about and make a plan on what to do and not to do during this coming season!

Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing want to wish all our friends, fans and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Look forward to see what to come during 2020! =D

Saturday last week started early at 05:00 after a loong working week… But me and Max did have a mission to complete! =)

A huge thanks to Jörgen Berg at Lastvagnsverkstan in Smedjebacken for helping me and Max out on a Saturday to adjust the brakes on the trailer correctly, it’s a hell lot easier when you are able to test how the brakes are working after the adjustment when you got a stand up friend that got a brake tester for heavy vehicles and are willing to help you out on a Saturday!

Now the trailer is inspected and a proved and ready for what to come during the next season and we did also find time to change out a bad air damper to the truck cabin!

Lastvagnsverksta’n in Smedjebacken your one stop truck and and trailer repair shop! =D

More work on the truck and trailer, a little repair, the yearly inspection and a well needed wash!

Ready and clean! =D

My traveling buddies on the way to the yearly inspection! 🙂

Friday last week it was time for the yearly inspection on the truck and trailer, went pretty good! 🙂 But like always some small brake issue, that’s the bad part when you don’t use the rig enough…. Well a little adjustment on one axle on the trailer and we are ready for one more year on the road! 🙂

Truck work!

Max did remove some old rusty crap that is supposed to hold one of the air tanks, Sofi fabricated a new one, I helped to mount it back on the truck, that’s what I call team work! One more step getting everything around the racing circus ready!

Saturday was rig wash Saturday! A huge thanks to John the Sneaky Snake for spending the day washing off the truck and trailer! <3 😉

It’s been a perfect sunny but a bit chilly weekend to spend some time on the trailer!

I have spent pretty much the last month or more working on the trailer, whole days during the weekends and at least a couple of hours every work day and this past weekend wasn’t any different!

Spent some time cleaning it out and finish up some insulation that should been done earlier.

Max spent some time on the truck so we can fabricate a new holder beam for a air tank.

Finally some progress on the trailer! =)

I’ve got the air heater / air conditioner pumps laying around in the trailer for about 3 years now, I think… And finally yesterday they are installed and up and running!!! =)

Me and Sofi started to prepare the mounting for the outer pumps about 4 weeks ago, and then all the mess with the leaking roof took our time so we could never finish it….

And then me and Max finally got the whole assembly mounted on the front of the trailer last week.

Then some holes for the tubes on both floors, put the tubes and electricity in place and then the inside pump on the lower floor!

And HURRAY!!! 😉 Yesterday I got some help connecting the tubes, electricity and then start them up by people that work with stuff like this! =) Thanks a lot for the help Jocke!