First qualifying round ended up in a 4.03/301

The plan for 2017 was to make a mid 3.80 pass with our Chevy powered Swedish built Chevelle and also win the championship!

We are done with the mid 3.80 pass with our 3.84 at Tierp, and to win the championship this year we need to win the whole event at the finals at Sundsvall Raceway and Victor Jansson needs to either not go to the event or not get into the qualifying list so I don’t see that we will take home the championship because Victor have pretty much already done that if he just takes the car to Sundsvall and makes one pass. They have done a great year so far and I am happy to say you are soon the 2017 Top Doorslammer champions guys! 

We do right now share the second spot in points with Rimbert Wahlström in the Top Doorslammer Series and I am pretty satisfied with that anyway because we have done a pretty awesome year this year! We did miss the eliminations on the first event due to parts failure in the motor, we got the number one qualifier spot and top speed on two of the events and then one semi final round and two final rounds on totally 4 outings in 2017 and that feels really good!!

Before the Northern Swing I decided not to go to the Racestar event at Tierp Arena in the end of July just to save money and go for the championship instead, BUT it have now changed after realizing how little chance (or no chance) we have to win it and ending up on second place / first looser is just as exciting to end up as number 10 in the series if you ask me so I have changed my mind and will end the Top Doorslammer series here for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing and go for a 3.7X pass on the Racestar event or at least repeat the 3.84 we did earlier instead! If you ask me a 3.7X pass means way much more to me than ending up on the second spot in the championship on a track I need to take out pretty much all power out of the motor just to take it from the starting line to the finish line and also risking the car with a lot of steering when doing it….

Already got two of these first looser trophys! 😉

So what do you say? Go for the second spot in the championship being nobody or go to Tierp Arena with our Swedish self-built non lightweight Chevelle with a conventional headed Chevy Big Block power plant, using a PSI D blower and not the outlaw C model without a girly traction control tuned by the monkey inside the car that drives it, it might be some smoke on the finish line to get that 70-pass but it will also be the last event for 2017 and it must be better to make a big thing of it so everyone will remember us! Right?

We got one more bottle to open up this year!!! 😀

After TD round 2 the race at Tierp Arena we did hurt some parts in the motor because of some tuning issues with 4 cylinders that is running way much harder than the rest, but after some changes I did I was pretty sure the problem would be solved! BUT, the next problem is that we are out of spares…. Missing pistons, wrist pins and piston rings and we didn’t have the money to order more (of course special order stuff and no on shelf) because this have been an expensive year already from the start, so I did just decide to run the motor really safe on the Northern Swing Tour just to keep the motor together. 

Today we unloaded the Chevelle to check up on the motor after some really high temps on the egt:s in all elimination rounds in Piteå, I was pretty sure the low timing caused it because the motor pretty much did burn the fuel in the exhaust port instead of in the combustion chamber just to keep the power low and get down the track on a safe tune, but I still was a bit afraid that I hurt some pistons, wrist pins and rings….

I was pretty sure this was it for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing in 2017, but I’m sorry to say that you have to see us on the track again this year because the motor looks like brand new on the inside this time! And we have made about 14 rounds on the motor since we did service it with a lot of new parts and that feels pretty good, I have found a problem solver to the cylinders that did eat up parts! 
So now it’s time to take away that safe tune again and just bring out that mean Chevy Power instead!

It all looks good!! 😀

Car went way better than what I expected, needed to do some driving but no problems (there is a steering wheel in the car) 😀 But then i spun the tires and hit a shake at the 330 mark 2.8 out, the place were it always is a problem here at this track… but still pretty good with a 4.41s when I was totally off the throttle at 3.1! 🙂

But now I got a graph to read so now I just need to get by that spot, time for some thinking.

Green is the wheel speed and the blue is the lateral g-meter…

Pretty good 60ft to be here on a track they haven been racing on the last year.

Soon ready again!

It’s around 2 in the morning and we are just ready after some service on the Chevelle, first thing tomorrow is to load the car and some other stuff in the trailer and then hit the road for the first of the two event of the Northern Swing that start at Sundsvall Raceway with the third round in the Scandinavian Top Doorslammer Series! See you there!! 🙂

She’s so fine (and in good shape again) 😉

It did cost a couple of parts to make all those 3.8x passes at Tierp Arena about 2 weeks ago! But now I have learned more about what the motor wants when it comes to the tuning and how different cylinders are running more or less hard, look forward to try out some new stuff this coming weekend! 

Out from the trailer and ready to get some love in the shop!

Heads are fully serviced!

Checking and measuring everything.

Some new stuff is going back in the motor.

We went trough the whole motor and now it’s like brand new! (one more time) We are ready for the northern swing!


Another 3.8 run!

Blew the tires right of the line – but still number one qualifier.

The car before us broke in the burnout and now it seems to be oil on the track. So we’re on hold for a minor clean up