Been working pretty much 24/7 the last couple of weeks and working with everything all the way in the end!…. Plan was to leave a couple of hour ago but… Everything takes more time to do compared with what you calculated on from the start!…

Time to roll south!

The Chevelle and my Volvo is on the trailer! 🙂

Stuff everywhere!!!!… 😉

This is a new view! =D The Chevelle have never been this far to the front in the trailer!

All customer work is done and it’s finally time to load the Chevelle and half the shop in the trailer and then start our trip to England and Santa Pod Raceway!

The Chevelle is still in the shop, leaving in about 6 hours!…


A big mess!…

Ok, lets do this! Time to work!…

Its been a couple of crazy long long days this last week for me and Sofi… With a lot of help from dad and Max. And finally, the Chevelle is fired up and noisy again, and it looks everything works just like we want!

She is back in business again! =D

Wednesday the chassis was upside down and pretty much empty to get repaired….

And then we have been trough issues pretty much everywhere all the way but with some really hard work we found our way to get back in track again!….

Just work work work, and a lot of special people that helps me out!

The Chevelle is back together and fired up, now we need to load it in the trailer and try to make sure we will have everything around with us, go and shop all the food and stuff that we need during our trip. 😉 And at the last take care of the last customer stuff I got laying around in the shop!….

Right now it’s about 28 hours until me an Max are leaving the Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing shop and will be heading against England and Santa Pod Raceway, 4.5 days until qualifying starts!

Status right now with 7 days to go until we need to leave the shop and start heading against England and Santa Pod Raceway!…

The car is in a million pieces and everything feels a little bit up side down right now… But there is no problem, i hope… It’s just a lot of hard work left and we will soon be ready to race! 🙂 Time to repair some stuff on the chassis and then start to put the Chevelle together so we will have a race car!

The best person on the planet and also my best friend, she is always here for me to help me out! =D

The bottom floor is pretty much cleaned out, or it is for now at least!…

Sofi and I have made some huge progress in the trailer, now it starts to feels really good, we finally got a home (or box to live in) 😉

Couch and TV installed in the trailer, it really starts to feel like a home and I’m more than happy about it!! =D

A lot of beds on the walls! 🙂 And we are still able to load 2 cars easily in the trailer just by moving the couch a little bit! Just like I want to have it, simple and a big open room in the whole upper floor!

And then easy to put down the beds and make them ready for the team, interested friends, family, partners / sponsors that might want to hang out with us during a race weekend so they don’t need to find a place outside the track to stay when they come and watch us race!

Now it’s time to clean out some on the bottom floor and then maybe start to work on the race car!?!…

Or at least done so we can go to England and Santa Pod Raceway in about 8 days from today and have a decent place to live at during the time we are there!…

Cleaned out!

But now everything is here instead! 😉

We have finally got the lighting mounted in the roof on the upper floor also! 🙂

We got some more small stuff to do on the upper floor and then it’s time to start clean up the mess on the bottom floor…. Again! And then maybe if we have time for it works some with stuff that we would like to have ready on the bottom floor before England, time will tell if we succeed!…

The upper floor starts to look like a place where you want to be when we are out on the race tracks! 🙂

The beds are finally assembled and mounted on the walls on the upper floor! =D

Sofi and mr poop are doing their thing preparing the wall for the future bathroom!

The upper floor starts to look really good now!

Sofi made herself some new clothes trying to protect herself when working with some glass fiber insulation! 😉

Feels crazy good to finally be able to prepare all the beds and final mount them on the walls. Doesn’t it look crazy good!??! For me and Sofi it at least felt awesome after 4 whole days inside the trailer with the warm sunny weather outside… 🙂

I did also mount the tail light chrome rings, feels strange to say it’s almost all done here in the rear (at least)

John the Snake went by to fix some more of the bad paint work that we waited for all winter to mess up this season….

Loooooking goooood!!!

And this was how I wanted it on the sides, but…

An awesome work by our new partner Svenska Clearwrap and the crew at the company Micke, Victor and André made the impossible possible!! =D I’m for the first time more than satisfied after letting a company do some kind of work on my trailer! 🙂 And this with a really short notice because of people delaying and sabotage my plans… Then I also found out that the most companies that works with wrap are real talkers and bull€£=%* And they are lazy and on top of that crazy expensive!… 🙁 But not these guys at Svenska Clearwrap, these guys are the best! under a really tight schedule, huge requirements from my side because my plan was to have an all white trailer and not have anything at on the side of it but that got destroyed totally by the companies that made the body work on the trailer… So we needed something to hide all the shitty work… André got the instructions from me “I don’t want anything at all so please surprise me…” 😉 And he did, thanks a lot again for an awesome work guys, look forward to continue with the rest of our ideas together!

Stay tuned for more trailer progress!