I just want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone involved in Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing during the 2018 season, my team, family, friends, sponsors and partners!

It’s you out there that makes this possible and also fun to do!

I hope that all of you out there did have a really great time during the Christmas holidays and also that you did have a good New Year to start up the 2019 season!

Me, Max and Dad did spend the day unloading the Chevelle and a lot of necessary stuff that we need during the winter from the trailer into the shop.

The winter is here again…

Of course it ended up with some stuff and a mess… Will fix that during next week! 😉

Time well spent! After a couple of days outside in the cold rainy weather and some money spent the last time on the rig me an Max took it today and made the yearly control and everything went smooth, both the truck and the trailer are in good condition and are good to use for one more year on the road! Easy to say that I’m satisfied right now! =)

Feels good to have our own rig!

Back at the shop again, but it’s not time yet for the winter rest. More to come, stay tuned! 🙂

Yesterday evening me and Max took the truck and trailer for a test drive after some work on the trailer!

Ready to go again, the plan for this year was to work on the truck and trailer to make it better and closer to ready and like I want to have it! But instead it’s been a lot about repairing brakes and boring stuff like that… Would been better to work on the inside of the trailer, but there is a new year next year for that I guess! =)

Last week me and Max took off all the wheels to get some new rubber on, been on my way to do this since I bought the trailer… but priorities and money have stopped that!…

When the wheels where off I just made a quick check on the brakes and realized that we didn’t have any brakes at all on one wheel….

For some reason the brake arm was loose… Doesn’t feels so fun that things just falls apart….

Time for new tires! A huge thanks to our partner Tobbe at T.Grundström Plåtslageri for letting me borrow his truck to transport the tires! 🙂

And a HUGE thanks to Jörgen Berg at Lastvagnsverkstan in Smedjebacken for giving me a super price on the tires and also helping me change them on a Friday evening! =)

When changing tires I took the opportunity to take a lower profile to get the total trailer height down a little bit!..

When I got back to the shop again I found some other problems with the brakes working outside the shop between the rain showers that I made some washers for to hopefully solve the problem with the snap rings not staying in the axle groove…. and then I also found a couple of bent brake hoses that I needed to change.

Then I found even more problems and spent the whole day yesterday outside in the cold weather in the rain and sun at the same time of course! 😉 adjusting the brakes and then finally late last night we got the new tires on the trailer and got it back on the ground and took it for a test drive, everything seems to work like it should right now and I hope it will continue like that now! 🙂

This coming weekend we got the finals in our series at Tierp Arena but first something little about the Top Doorslammer round 5 at Malmö Raceway! It was a really bumpy ride and a lot of downs but ended up with some really good ups after some really hard work and help from people around! 😀

Track was really tricky and I could not use the power I wanted, just look at the lateral G-meter graph in the Racepak, was all over… But I did figured it out and it even got better than what I expected during the 2 last elimination rounds we made on Sunday which made me low on power instead….

60ft tells us a good number with a 0.96s but I was too scared to get into tire shake were I did have problems during the 2 qualification rounds we made so I just did keep the power low to make it down and get some data on the car and be able to see what my winter updates made in reality to the performance, all I can say is that I’m satisfied with it and I really hope that the coming weekend at Tierp Arena will give us the opportunity to make the amount of passes I need to improve and end the year with a new personal best! 😉

After the last round of the three ones we made on Sunday the rear axle was still pretty much quiet and I hope it will continue like that now…. But we will do a check on the third member on Friday just to make sure that the ring and pinion looks good.

Thanks again to team Bankrobber for some well needed extra help between E2 and E3, also a huge thanks to Raymond Blixt for helping us during Saturday night letting us go with you home to your shop we’re we could use his tools to change some bearings in the third member! 🙂

This is what we want this coming weekend, a satisfied and happy team! 🙂

Ready to go to Tierp Arena, we will go there early on Friday morning and service the Chevelle and make it ready for Saturday’s qualifying.

One thing I’m extra happy about when it comes to this weekend is that we are sharing tent with our friends from Crowcastle Racing again! So I know already now that it will be a extra good weekend whatever happens during it! 😀

A little bit stressful before the first pass today and we tried to take everything slowly because we are a little short on people and we are trying to work it out and get into our routines like it is with the team we are today and will be in the future!

It started of course to drizzle after the first car made the burn out so the crew shut him off…

My A to B tune worked just like I wanted but all suddenly I spun the tires just before half track and was aiming for the center line and the timing blocks, dad said he could read Swecomposite from the starting line… 😉 First thing I was thinking was water on the track…! I guess I was right because they went out with the tractor and cleaned something after me in my lane, and what ever they cleaned up wasn’t from my car because it’s still in one piece…. =D

I did look for a safe low 4.00… and a 0.98 60ft is a good start to get there…

Now some service of the car and change ring and pinion in the third member, we tried to save the brand new ring and pinion that we did put in to Mantorp that started to make noise… (I thought it looked goofy when we put it in and asked the manufacturer about it and of course they said “it looks good”… boring way to spend $1000…) Really sad that no one are able to make a gear set that will last more than one event…

With this said it means that we will miss Q2 today and be ready for Q3 tomorrow instead!

Oh happy day! 😉 We did just put it in… 🙂

This one is still happy at least! 🙂

From earlier today, when we did put the third member in… 😉

What a weekend!!

Got back home to Sweden this morning after an awesome race weekend at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indy at the US Nationals! Really fun and kind of crazy weekend also! Gary Pritchett that just earned / updated his license and made his debut at US Nats behind the steering wheel this past weekend in Jonnie Lindberg’s world record setting TAFC and at the same time working on the clutch on Steve Torrence Top Fuel Dragster.

Jonnie Lindberg did of course tune the alcohol car and at the same time he drove Jim Heads Fuel Funny Car!

To make it even a little more interesting Gary’s wife Leah Pritchett was the back up girl and also during the event she was driving her DSR Top Fuel Dragster and Factory Stock Dodge Challenger that she also won!! The rest of the team was me, Lars Erik Lindberg and Christian Merlid that flew over from Sweden to service the car between rounds we made a good team I think, Gary was second to third qualifier all weekend and we got all way to the semi finals!

I did for sure have a good time and made some new friends! 🙂

Of course I needed to check out the coolest shop in Indy! 😉

But now I’m back to really, got some work to do in the shop and I also need to get the last things around the Chevelle and the trailer ready because early tomorrow morning me, Max and dad are leaving the shop and will head down south Sweden for TD round 5 at Malmö Raceway, time to try set som new personal bests! I hope to see y’all there this weekend! =D

Last week me and Max got the truck back together again and it is ready for the trip to Malmö Raceway in little more than a week from today!

I did have a lot of trouble to get the brakes back together again, guess it’s because it’s an old model and a dragracing person is stupid enough to still use it…! 😉

I hate air brakes as much as I hate shitty persons that promises / say things and then do the total opposite!….

Thanks to Jörgen Berg for your support! I even got dad to spend some hours on it with me! 😉

Anyway me en Max (of course) did put it back together Thursday last week and took it for a test drive and everything works like it should now! 🙂

Max felt sorry for me I guess and made sure I got a really nice dinner afterwards! =D

Now it’s only the rest of the circus that needs to get organized and ready before TD round 5!