Events 2015

This is the full calendar of the Top Doorslammer series. We will participate in 3-4 racing events in 2015.



Event Date Location Info Race report with
pictures & movies
Pros T&T 9-10.05.2015 Tierp Arena Test n tune  Race Report

Top Doorslammer Round #1 15-17.05.2015 Malmö Raceway Malmö Open  Will not participate
Sponsor event 16.05.2015 The Parts Stop Swap Meet  Race Report
Top Doorslammer Round #2 4-7.06.2015 Tierp Arena Tierp Internationals  Race Report
Top Doorslammer Round #3 3-5.07.2015 Sundsvall Raceway  EDRS #6  Race Report
Top Doorslammer Round #4 10-12.07.2015 Pite Dragway Midnight Sun Internationals  Will not participate
Top Doorslammer Round #5 31.07-2.08.2015 Gardermoen Raceway Drag Challenge  Will not participate
Top Doorslammer Round #6 28-30.08.2015 Sundsvall Raceway Finals  Will not participate