Yesterday me and Sofi went to Lastvagnsverkstan in Smedjebacken and adjust some brakes on the trailer! 🙂

Felt kind of strange to have a working Sofi beside me and not a zzz zzz Max! 😉 This was actually the first time I did drive my own rig all by my self and also the first time I drive something like this since I got my driving license 19 weeks ago!

A huge thanks to Jörgen Berg at Lastvagnsverksta’n in Smedjebacken for helping me out getting the trailer brakes to work properly! Now we got 2 axles that works just like they should and I now know that I need to put on new brake shoes on the first axle to get the brakes on that to work like that should, nothing big but they are a little bit too much un even from side to side!… But that is something I will take care of in a couple of weeks or so!

More trailer progress last weekend, if you feel you got a lot of time and want a couple of extra days of work…. 😉 Install a fresh water tank in the place where you used to have your air compressor and then modify the air compressor to fit on top of the tank so it won’t take so much space in the trailer! But it for sure looks good and that’s important to me! 🙂 We are moving on with the trailer and more and more stuff on the to do list are getting done! Once again a HUGE thanks to Bengtssons Smide for fabricating the fresh and waste water tank to our trailer!

A huge thanks to Tobbe at T. Grundström Plåtslageri and Peter and Patrik at Rörmekano In Vallentuna for helping me out getting an awesome deal on a water heater, water pump to the trailer and then also a pumping station to put in our kitchen in the tent to get the waste water from the kitchen sink to the waste water tank! 🙂

Way much appreciated so we can continue to work and move forward with the trailer even during this bad year!… Feels good to make progress on the trailer when we can’t race with the car.

A couple of weeks ago I dit remove the trailer outriggers because they are bent and in a really bad condition and have been since the day I bought the trailer, 5 years ago!… 🙂

And now when it’s time to finally finish install the new waste water tank that Bengtssons Smide fabricated for us I decided it was time to repair and get the outriggers straightened out before the tank are going into place!

So that is what me and Max got done 1 week ago and they are back on the trailer and we even got the waste water tank in place and was about to get the holding brackets tacked in when it started to rain!…

Well, hopefully I can weld the brackets on soon and get it installed fo real! We are moving on and it feels really good!! 🙂

Even the truck are getting som TLC and getting prepared for the season 2021! 🙂 I took the truck to Smedjebacken a couple of weeks to get help from Jörgen Berg at Lastvagnsverksta’n in Smedjebacken to switch out the clutch that have been on the to do list since we bought the truck in 2017! 😉 And then we need to change one air brake cylinder that have started to leak some… 🙁 Well it’s a good year to spend money on stuff around the race car at least!..

Forgot about a really great product that we got to the trailer in the beginning of this year thanks to Glenn at Sprinkler Resurs AB and Erik at Cinderella Eco Sverige AB!


A Cinderella Incineration Toilet! Or in Swedish Förbränningstoalett. An awesome good product if you are just like me and want to have a toilet in your racing trailer or somewhere else where you don’t have the option to take care of it or if you are just like me and REALLY DONT want to handle the number one and number two that you usually get rid of when you are visiting the bathroom… 😉

This is the thing for you! Its waterless and one month of normal using for one person ends up with one coffee cup of ash that is clean it’s hygienic and not a gross thing to handle! 🙂

This is the simplest solution for you that want a toilet that is simple to install and without the need of water or a waste water tank that you need to take care of! 🙁 And they have a couple of options both for your house, mobile vehicles, caravans and they offer both electricity and gas models! Contact Cinderella Eco Group at and get your new best friend! 😉

Look forward to get this installed in the trailer in the future! =D

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Moving on some with the trailer!

Friday last week was a beautiful day! Me and Max went to our long time partner Bengtssons Smide to pick up our new fresh water tank and waste water tank that they have fabricated to our trailer!

A huge thanks for continue to help us out even that the world are crazy like it is with this COVID-19 virus that have sabotaged the whole year 2020 for everyone!… And I am also happy that the company Blixtljuset AB that bought Bengtssons Smide a while ago from the original Bengtsson family decided to continue to help me out with my racing circus, way much appreciated! And one more fun thing, we took the truck to pick them up and it was the first time since a got my truck driving license over 3 months ago that I drove a truck! This year did not go as I planned at all! Well, at least now we got some parts for the trailer so we can move forward and maybe get the bathroom done soon! 🙂

Friday evening after we picked up our new fresh water tank and waste water tank from Bengtssons Smide we started to clean out the storage area in the front of the trailer where we are going to install the fresh water tank.

We did also try to install the waste water tank where I should be mounted and it worked just like the plan I did have, measure a hundred times and then fabricate it after the drawing once! Great team work by us and the people at Bengtssons Smide!! 🙂

This was also the first time in 3 months I did spend some time with Max due to this Covid-19 shit virus!… And of course we did celebrate it with some junk food!

GREAT SUCCESS! Very nice!!

On Saturday me and Max got the fresh water tank in in place the front storage of the trailer! I did know it would be pretty tight (because I wanted it as high as possible) but it did work even better than what I could imagine! Even that the forklift got really bad brakes or pretty much no brakes at all and we did run out of propane during the installation I did get it in trough that little door with precision! And before we put it in we did install a collect container with drain tubes that goes trough the floor that will catch the condensation water from it so it won’t get it inside the trailer! Must say that it feels really good to start over again with the trailer, it must be around 8 months since we did something big to move forward on the trailer project and it feels great!

More progress in the trailer and updates here soon I hope! 😉

Time to finally get the lighting and electrical power in the trailer permanently installed!

Just because we haven’t done anything on the Chevelle it doesn’t mean that we forgot about the trailer! 😉

Finally we have pretty much all the electrical power and working lights in the whole trailer!

Me and Sofi have spent a couple of hours or maybe more from September to December pulling cords and mounting power outlets everywhere and I have tried to find out where and what I want when it comes to switches, lights and power outlets…

Well after all I think it turned out really good!

A huge thanks to John Björkman that helped me fix the mess I created and got everything hooked to the electrical power central, thanks for that because I really don’t like this high voltage stuff! 😀

Felt pretty good to remove all the extension cords and the temporary electrical central that we have been using for the last 3-4 years!… 😉

Now on to next thing in the trailer what ever that will be!… We are moving on slowly but right now at least in the right direction on everything we are doing! 🙂

Saturday last week started early at 05:00 after a loong working week… But me and Max did have a mission to complete! =)

A huge thanks to Jörgen Berg at Lastvagnsverkstan in Smedjebacken for helping me and Max out on a Saturday to adjust the brakes on the trailer correctly, it’s a hell lot easier when you are able to test how the brakes are working after the adjustment when you got a stand up friend that got a brake tester for heavy vehicles and are willing to help you out on a Saturday!

Now the trailer is inspected and a proved and ready for what to come during the next season and we did also find time to change out a bad air damper to the truck cabin!

Lastvagnsverksta’n in Smedjebacken your one stop truck and and trailer repair shop! =D

More work on the truck and trailer, a little repair, the yearly inspection and a well needed wash!

Ready and clean! =D

My traveling buddies on the way to the yearly inspection! 🙂

Friday last week it was time for the yearly inspection on the truck and trailer, went pretty good! 🙂 But like always some small brake issue, that’s the bad part when you don’t use the rig enough…. Well a little adjustment on one axle on the trailer and we are ready for one more year on the road! 🙂

Truck work!

Max did remove some old rusty crap that is supposed to hold one of the air tanks, Sofi fabricated a new one, I helped to mount it back on the truck, that’s what I call team work! One more step getting everything around the racing circus ready!

Saturday was rig wash Saturday! A huge thanks to John the Sneaky Snake for spending the day washing off the truck and trailer! <3 😉