All of you out there that been following the little trailer project That I started in 2015 knows that it have been a little bumpy road with some up and downs so far when it comes to the quality on the stuff that I handed over to other people / companies… And of course the problems and extra work for me and the ones that helps me out continues!…. 🙁

A couple of months ago I saw that it was coming out some kind of dirt / rust water or something like that just above the side door on the trailer on the right side below the piece that holds the roof together with the side wall, I assumed that it was just a bad sealed aluminum frame or so that made some water get in there when we were out on the road to England. But it was way worse!….

A couple of weeks ago it was time for me and Sofi to continue the work on the trailer, but… It turned out to as a clean up and redo work that someone else should have done… Instead they have more like destroyed the trailer!…

It was a lot of water trapped inside here for sure….

This is apparently how it looks when you have hired companies that works only with stuff like this like fabricating and mounting roofs on trailers and trucks etc. It’s really sad, I was thinking about change the roof on the trailer myself but I know I’m to slow and way to accurate and did not have a shop to keep the trailer inside so I decided to pay a company that only works with stuff like this to do it. Shame on me…. this have cost me way to much money and time!…

It started with this…. First time I saw it was in June or so, kind of sad that the side walls on the trailer got damaged because of bad work from the company I hired to change the roof on it…. I was hoping that the repair we did in the bottom of the trailer years ago should be the end of moisture damages… But no!

So I started with the fun work of removing all the silicon / sealing around the whole trailer… And once again it’s big and A LOT of work just remove it so all the water can get out somewhere….

And at the same time I saw the roof for the first time after the trailer got paint on it and more disappointments!….

You maybe remember that I was more than disappointed / angry about the bad paint job on the rig? And of course it did not end there, the whole “new” roof got totally destroyed because the people that painted it never covered the roof and just sprayed up paint / dust on it do it looks like shit….!

So now instead of continue the work and make some kind of progress on the trailer we needed to seal the whole roof again BUT… Before that me and Sofi did spend about 3 days of just cleaning the roof and take away the paint dust… You know the roof is pretty big 14 meters long and 2.6 meters wide, everything takes so long time to do because of the size on the trailer…

We used about 12 liters of thinner and a million of rags just to take the paint away….

After that it was time to make sure that the aluminum frame the holds the roof sits good and because of the bad work we needed to put in plenty of screws to make sure it won’t start to move…. Again!… Looks like shit now but at least it works, I hope!…

Then remove all the sealing up on the roof also and redo it with new material and make sure it will be stuck to the roof and not get loose like the earlier shit… Just a lot of fun work cleaning up after shitty people…

Just look how good the old sealant looks that the company that works with stuff like this made….

And then on top of the sealants I put a rubber paint that hopefully seals up a little extra to make sure it won’t continue to get in water….

Well I can sum this up with that I hate shitty people that don’t understand a simple instruction! From the beginning I’ve said that I’m gonna build this trailer and will keep it until I stop racing, a lot of people have destroyed that goal and pretty much all I do is repair and redo bad work on it, and it’s kind of sad.

Right now it would be good with a new roof, sand blast and paint it underneath, sand it down completely and paint it, exactly what I have hired people to do since I started to work on it!….

I know that I never will be totally satisfied with it because of the shit above but I hope that I soon can start to work and move forward instead of taking one step in the right direction and the ten steps backwards all the time…!

This is one of many reasons why we haven’t been out on the tracks racing this year!… And now when we starts to get ready with the roof on the trailer once again I hope that it will be time to unload the Chevelle that have been in the trailer since we left Main Event at Santa Pod in May!….

Status right now with 7 days to go until we need to leave the shop and start heading against England and Santa Pod Raceway!…

The car is in a million pieces and everything feels a little bit up side down right now… But there is no problem, i hope… It’s just a lot of hard work left and we will soon be ready to race! 🙂 Time to repair some stuff on the chassis and then start to put the Chevelle together so we will have a race car!

The best person on the planet and also my best friend, she is always here for me to help me out! =D

The bottom floor is pretty much cleaned out, or it is for now at least!…

Sofi and I have made some huge progress in the trailer, now it starts to feels really good, we finally got a home (or box to live in) 😉

Couch and TV installed in the trailer, it really starts to feel like a home and I’m more than happy about it!! =D

A lot of beds on the walls! 🙂 And we are still able to load 2 cars easily in the trailer just by moving the couch a little bit! Just like I want to have it, simple and a big open room in the whole upper floor!

And then easy to put down the beds and make them ready for the team, interested friends, family, partners / sponsors that might want to hang out with us during a race weekend so they don’t need to find a place outside the track to stay when they come and watch us race!

Now it’s time to clean out some on the bottom floor and then maybe start to work on the race car!?!…

Or at least done so we can go to England and Santa Pod Raceway in about 8 days from today and have a decent place to live at during the time we are there!…

Cleaned out!

But now everything is here instead! 😉

We have finally got the lighting mounted in the roof on the upper floor also! 🙂

We got some more small stuff to do on the upper floor and then it’s time to start clean up the mess on the bottom floor…. Again! And then maybe if we have time for it works some with stuff that we would like to have ready on the bottom floor before England, time will tell if we succeed!…

The upper floor starts to look like a place where you want to be when we are out on the race tracks! 🙂

The beds are finally assembled and mounted on the walls on the upper floor! =D

Sofi and mr poop are doing their thing preparing the wall for the future bathroom!

The upper floor starts to look really good now!

Sofi made herself some new clothes trying to protect herself when working with some glass fiber insulation! 😉

Feels crazy good to finally be able to prepare all the beds and final mount them on the walls. Doesn’t it look crazy good!??! For me and Sofi it at least felt awesome after 4 whole days inside the trailer with the warm sunny weather outside… 🙂

I did also mount the tail light chrome rings, feels strange to say it’s almost all done here in the rear (at least)

John the Snake went by to fix some more of the bad paint work that we waited for all winter to mess up this season….

Loooooking goooood!!!

And this was how I wanted it on the sides, but…

An awesome work by our new partner Svenska Clearwrap and the crew at the company Micke, Victor and André made the impossible possible!! =D I’m for the first time more than satisfied after letting a company do some kind of work on my trailer! 🙂 And this with a really short notice because of people delaying and sabotage my plans… Then I also found out that the most companies that works with wrap are real talkers and bull€£=%* And they are lazy and on top of that crazy expensive!… 🙁 But not these guys at Svenska Clearwrap, these guys are the best! under a really tight schedule, huge requirements from my side because my plan was to have an all white trailer and not have anything at on the side of it but that got destroyed totally by the companies that made the body work on the trailer… So we needed something to hide all the shitty work… André got the instructions from me “I don’t want anything at all so please surprise me…” 😉 And he did, thanks a lot again for an awesome work guys, look forward to continue with the rest of our ideas together!

Stay tuned for more trailer progress!

When we finally got the trailer back home to the shop in the beginning of April I was able to start organize and see what we possibly could find time for to get ready before it is time to go to England…

So around the end of the second week in April we finally got an idea and also some material to start up the trailer madness again, pretty much exactly 4 weeks before we need to hit the road and go to Santa Pod in England for our first outing..

Me and Max got the lighting on the bottom floor mounted, FINALLY!!! The led panels have been laying around in the trailer for a couple of years now…

The upper floor, finally it’s time to do something here now!… That’s the only part of the trailer that we haven’t touched since I bought it and I gave got big plans for it way to long now…

Sofi and John got some carpet mounted on the walls and what a crazy big difference that made, it pretty much directly went from the inside of a white box to a home. 🙂

After that it was time to start prepare the beds for the upper floor and make everything ready to get mounted on the walls!

But before mounting the beds on the walls, they finished the front wall on the upper floor that will be the wall to the future bathroom! Exited to see how long that will take to get ready!… 😉

We’re back with updates here on the homepage again after some technical issues!…

But after all it does not matter too much because everything have been standing pretty much totally still because a lot of waiting on getting the trailer and truck back from the paint shop that delayed the delivery date 5 months or so….

Only thing we have done is some small preparations on the Chevelle due to all the spares and tools was in the trailer that should been away from the shop only around 4 weeks so I never thought about taking anything out from it…

The whole rig is white just like I wanted and we decided, sad part is that the quality / result after a half year away just makes me angry and disappointed… But that’s pretty common and how every race season always starts, someone is always there to help me fuck it up totally!….

More news soon about the first race this year, we are going to England and Santa Pod Raceway for The Doorslammers race and we are gonna do some 1/4 mile racing for the first time since 2011!

Stay tuned!