I have been quiet for a while now, time for some updates!

The off season is here for real and pretty much nothing have been made around the racing circus since the last outing at Tierp Arena in the end of July, except for the last couple of weeks when me an Max (of course, who else) !? 🙂 have spent some time unloading the Chevelle and got the truck and trailer inspected, repaired and approved and legal to use for one more year on the Swedish roads!

After that we took the rig up north Sweden were it will be kept inside a warm shop so it won’t get more destroyed during the cold and wet Swedish winter weather, and also one really good thing is that I don’t need to see it standing outside the shop every day and make me sad..! 😀

The last hours of practice driving with Kermit and the trailer is over for 2017 and the rig is inside a warm safe shop to spend the winter! It feels kind of strange that all this is ours and already inspected and done for a coming season in the end of a season, this is usually a problem before the first event to solve but I felt that I don’t wanna do like we always do, need to start get things organized from now on…

Just some normal maintenance and control, we haven’t done anything at all to the truck since we bought it earlier this year more than fill it with fuel and drive it. We did also repair the ABS system so we got the warning symbol for it turned off, thanks to Jörgen Berg for helping out with a diagnostic diagram! 🙂

Time so see some light and get out from the trailer after sitting in it for 8 weeks, now back in the shop again and hopefully soon in the correct winter location with the blanket over so I don’t have to see her for a while…

The trailer is ready for the winter and cleaned out so we don’t get any disgusting surprises next year just because someone forgot or left some food or so in it.

At the yearly control! And it turned out pretty good. 

The trailer went trough smoothly but on the truck they didn’t like an ugly mark in the windshield that I did fix with a day or two of wet sanding and polishing 🙂 Not so fun but way cheaper that change the windshield.

Above you can see the difference on the windshield, been on my way doing this for a long time but haven’t got time for it and put my priorities on other stuff… but feels good now when it’s done! 🙂

And then they also found a steering rod that was in really bad shape so that one felt pretty ok to change even that it is a heavy job to do….! 😉

Then we loaded my daily Volvo in the trailer, took out all the things I might need in the shop during the winter and started our trip up north.

But first a stop at our awesome parter Bengtssons Smide to pick up some material that we are supposed to mount on the outside of the trailer during the winter when it been standing in the warm shop long enough to dry up everywhere.

Then to Opus to make the after control of the things they found on the yearly inspection.

And then the 7-8 hour trip to the winter place, of course it’s important to eat a lot on the way! 🙂

At the final destination and in the parking spot around 8 in the evening, now it’s just the 5-6 hour drive to get home again! 

Haven’t spent the time I wanted on the trailer lately but small baby steps are taking us forward and we are making progress all the time when we make time for it!

Feels really good that this is all ours, we are getting our circus more and more complete all the time! Soon it’s just some small final touches left like new pain and a design that makes this more “ours” on the complete rig when we are out on the road and in the pits. 🙂

One big issue that we got during last year was the air brakes on the trailer that starts to brake just a little by themselves when we are out on the roads and sometimes starts to build some crazy heat and I never got time to look at it for real during last year and during the winter but on the way down to Malmö and the first race in the series they started to give us an even bigger problem when using the parking brake so the trailer got totally stuck and it was a hell getting it to loosen up the brakes so I got really tired of it and finally put the time needed to look on it for real and right now it looks like I solved it for real because after a couple of hours driving at different times it been working just like it should! I can say that I hold my thumbs and toes that I fixed this now, soon it’s time to go to Sundsvall and Piteå and I DONT wanna spend time after the road working on stupid air brakes….

Also me and Max have been out practice driving a couple of times, start to be time for me to get my own driving license for the rig, it will for sure make everything so much easier for us to have two that can drive it and also for me so I can use my own stuff… I hate not be able to use something that I own, feels kind of stupid…. 😉

I really love the tailgate lift, it turned out so crazy good so I almost not believe it’s true! 😀

What I don’t like is when I got a flood outside the trailer and need to put a bridge in front the side door to get into it… 🙂

A mess!!! BUT! This is just empty boxes were we used to keep all our spare part etc. And that means now when they are empty the parts are somewhere else, in the trailer were they should be maybe!? 🙂

This is just awesome!!! 🙂 Now I got a crazy control on all the parts, and also I can tell anyone were to get parts when they need it and that will for sure make my tuning life A LOT easier! And even better, I still got plenty of room to fill up with more stuff, I’m pretty much in a organized parts heaven! 😀

And that is what happens when you start to organize all the trailer building stuff like bolts, screws, electrical junk and put it in a box instead!

A welding corner with a 20mm (3/4″) thick steel bench and a huge vise is something that a real trailer needs! Otherwise it’s not a real trailer….

Sometimes even the sun is shining on me…! 😉

I feel that I need to put some more time in my tuning corner to make it a bit more cozy… well it will come it will come! 

Better late than never they say…. well the last week have been a big mess everywhere and also I got sick Tuesday…. I’m lucky to have Max and Dad that put together the last stuff on the motor and loaded the trailer with a lot of stuff so I could take an evening totally off from everything and go home and spend 14 hours in my bed, and that’s really not how I usually am… don’t know what shit that got me, might be too much work maybe!? 😉 I’m still pretty sick but at least I can handle the situation again so I have of course spent the last 24 hours at the shop to get everything ready and about one hour ago me and Max left the shop in the rig and Dad and Patrik the Mas in my Volvo! Just about 8 hours left and I can hopefully sleep away the last of my sickness and get up early tomorrow morning so we can unload, build our pit and I can do the last tuning stuff that is necessary for our first test hit, this first race in our series is just a test weekend for us due to we did miss our only test session chance two weeks ago because we were missing parts to the car…. I do not have any big expectations about this coming weekend more that start to figure out all the new stuff on the car, don’t wanna blow up the motor in the first pass like last year so it will be baby steps! 🙂

Finally, its NINE Months since we went to the track the last time!

Loading and cleaning, and what a mess it is before we will get it organized…. Thanks to my siss Sara for helping me out! 🙂

Decided to do a quick cam swap before loading the car! 😀

It’s 2:00 in the morning the day before it’s time to go to the track! Race car is all done! 

Finally loaded in the trailer again! 🙂

Looking pretty good on the bottom floor, still looooong hours before we are all done here!

And we are on the roll!!!

We should have been in Malmö testing last weekend but due to missing parts to the car we never even left the shop… 

But we are a team that want to move forward so instead we took the opportunity and spent it together the best way possible working on the trailer to get more stuff ready on the bottom floor, and what a good weekend it turned out to be!! Four days, three people, about 16 hours per day around 180 man hours and I’m / we are really satisfied with how the trailer starts to look on the bottom floor now! Me, Max and Patrik have made a crazy good job getting the new cabins from our partner Treston mounted, a lot of fabricated parts from our partner Bengtssons Smide have made the trailer a lot heavier! The benches are in place, the kitchens are pretty much all done, it’s sealed up really good around all doors on the outside and we got some insulation in them! We have cleaned out and I’m pretty much ready to start load it up with tools and parts and getting everything organized! This is pretty much too good to be true! Some small stuff still left to do on it before I’m gonna put it to the side for a while and only spend time at work instead, I mean it’s more than good to use for us like it is right now! 😀

Looking good!! The cabinets from Treston looks just awesome after we got them in place together with a wooden bench plate on top of it! 🙂

About 26 meters (92 feet) of rubber stripe around the rear lift gate! 😉

The doors are boxed with a stainless steel frame on the inside to keep the wrong people out from the trailer….

The Swedish license plate is finally mounted in the correct place. 🙂

All the doors that are able to open up from the outside are made stronger with some extra stuff in them, the last stuff is finish welded, we got some insulation in them and they are closed with an inner aluminum plate, so they are pretty much all finished now… finally! 🙂

What a beautiful mess! 😉

Max did shorten down our two kitchens to make them fit in the trailer like we want them to, he also put in a oven and some extra drawers.

Always need to watch people so they do it right!

Max the man!

No words needed… #norrlänning 🙂

Cabins mounted in place.

We are doing something here!

Wooden bench plate, looks awesome good!!!!

Patrik started to close op this front part with a wall so we can hide more stuff behind it 😉

Its just great!!

Part of a pretty strong work bench! Thanks once again to Erik at Bengtssons Smide for helping out!

Korv is the Swedish word for sausage just so you guys know 🙂

Hooked up for the first time’

Time to leave the trailer shop.

Finally empty!! 🙂

Back home at the ABM shop.

Doing some air line maintenance…. Just for fun… 🙂

Three weekends and one whole week of work and we got A LOT of stuff made on the trailer, we even got some stuff mounted in it that makes it start to look crazy good!! 😀

A huge thanks to Max, Patrik, John, Johan from Lsf Custom and Erik from Bengtssons Smide for spending all this time to make this dream come true! 🙂

In the end of March we started over again for real on the trailer, we finally got some time and money to spend on it and now in the end of April I must say we spent it really well!! 

Patrik, John and Johan from Lsf Custom did sand down the roof and got some new good looking paint on it,

We got some steel profiles welded in in our coming cabinets that will hold the shelves in place above the wheel boxes.

Me and Max have finally made the last glass fiber repair in the trailer… now it’s really enough, no more plastic fantastic! 😉

Patrik got some wooden plates mounted on the wheel boxes to insulate and also close so we will get somewhere to mount the cabinet doors.

Patrik also got a blanket up on the walls, it looks really good doesn’t it!? 🙂

And then some frames and doors for the cabinets fabricated by our great partner Bengtssons Smide!

Now how about that!!? A couple of weeks ago we got all our new cabinets / boxes from our awesome partner Treston to put in the trailer! This feels so crazy good, finally we can get the trailer organized with all our tools and spare parts this is just too good to be true! I want to say a huge thanks to Göran at Treston in Arninge for believing in us and for supporting Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing the trailer starts to look really great!!

We have also tried to put together Kermit and The With Hell, everything went so simple and smooth with the lights and air system so something must be wrong 🙂 … 

The lift gate is sealed up and pretty much all done! No more Gorilla Tape here!!..

John went by and got some fresh black paint on everything I have been fabricating.

Max, what a awesome great guy! 🙂

Of course we found some more garbage, pretty amazing that it never ends… 

It’s pretty much been 5 months without anything at all made on the trailer… but time and money have been spent on doing updates on the Chevelle to make it work even better and also make the maintenance between rounds smaller due to rocker arm updates etc. But Saturday last week me and Max started to look at the trailer again and the plan is to get some cabins in place and some new paint on the walls on the lower floor before we are leaving for Malmö Raceway in about 6 weeks from today for our first outing this season!

At least it’s not hard to make it better than what it is right now! 😀 But what a hell, we can use it and that’s kind of awesome! 😉

Also, we have bought us a truck to pull the trailer with! So for the first time ever we have a complete rig that we own ourselves, pretty cool right!? 🙂 

Feels really good to start working on the trailer this early before next season! It’s possible because this year we don’t have a company that promises to much and destroys everything for us by putting us 4 months behind in our schedule… Do you remember last winter? We did start to work for real on the trailer in the beginning of February… And now we are already up and running in October, four months earlier this year!!! And yes, no promises from other companies this winter! 😉

It’s time to fix the last moisture damages in the front wall on the lower floor that we waited with earlier this year.

Looks good!


This will take some time to fix..!


At least it did look worse than what it was! 😀 Now it just need to dry, and that can take a while..

Making plans trying to organize were our cabins and benches will be in the future 🙂

Me and Max started to work on the trailer earlier this week, the whole bottom floor is now all empty and the next step is to finish some small things that we still got left on the inside from earlier this year when we fixed the moisture damages in the side walls, so a little more plastic fantastic job just to remember how fun we had last winter… 😉

An empty bottom floor! 🙂

This is how the bottom floor did look during this season, not so funny! A complete mess… but it did work for us and we could get to the track with the things we needed! But to next year it will be a huge change, no more mess! We will get things organized with cabinets and tool boxes from our partner Treston AB and more fabricated stuff with help from Bengtssons Smide! 🙂

The upper floor was pretty ok but it will be a huge change here also! We will start to build our bathroom in the front part of the upper floor with help from our partner Anders Bremö Bygg, and then get some beds in place that we can flip up to the side walls when we have the Chevelle loaded in the trailer.

It’s pretty simple to get the lower floor empty when you can put everything on the upper floor 😀 This is where we will start so we can get all our spare parts and tools organized like we want!

We have also got our new heater pumps from our partner Panasonic Sverige Värmepumpar, it will be really nice to have them installed so we can get the temperature like we want it, guess we will use the heater part more than the air condition but it happens a couple of times every season that you want to cool down a bit! 😉

The trailer looks pretty good like it does right now but it will look even better to next season because in the beginning of next year it will go down south to our partner Kaross & Lackteknik in Jönköping and get some new paint on it, I really look forward to it, get it done on the outside so we can get all decals and stuff on it so everyone can see who’s coming!