The past two weekends have been good with some great progress on the truck and trailer again! 😀

Me and Max did fill up some water in the fresh water tank for the first time and started the water pump and the water heater for the first time and everything did work just fine without leaks or so! 🙂 A huge thanks again to Peter and Patrik at Rörmekano in Vallentuna for their support helping us out install everything when it comes to the plumbing! 🙂

We did also finish up the front storage area where we have all the stuff outside in our pit space, we made some changes for a better storage and did put everything except for the tent in the trailer again, feels kind of crazy that we have packed almost everything 5 weeks before the first outing!

We did also remove the winter “insulation” on the lift gate that been sitting there for almost 2 years now because we are going racing again! 😀 We did install lamps in the rear part to help out when we load the race car in the dark, and at the same time we did finish up some small stuff to hide the plumbing to the lift gate, it’s all about the details! 😉

After that we got the fridges installed so they can’t move around after we changed them out almost a year ago!… 😉

Really not much left to do on the trailer now! 🙂

The week after I went by our partner Bengtssons Smide and got some material for a future storage box on the Scania Truck, thanks for your support! Really appreciate it! 🙂

And how freaking nice did this turn out!? 😀 We will really soon have a working sink in our tent / kitchen with fresh warm and cold water and also a pump station that gets the waste water to the waste water tank with some simple plug and play hoses! A huge thanks to our partner Peter at Rörmekano for swinging by today and finishing up the last piece of our plumping / water system on the trailer!

The week after we got a holiday that made us a longer weekend here in Sweden and that means trailer work! 😉 Plan all week was to work on the race car… but then work happened instead!… 🙁 So I did not have time to prepare stuff around the Chevelle for the planned weekend work! Anyway since Thursday last week we have been spending a lot of time on the trailer and on the Scania truck!

My old friend Dennis that was with me already already 15 years ago and also did help out a lot when I was modifying the body before making the mold and then the carbon fiber body have helped us out and finishing up all the electrical stuff in our roll out kitchens!

Krille from Sollefteå way up north Sweden is now a part of Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing and went down to help out during this weekend, good part with Krille is that he is a real fixer and can do what ever and that is something we really need in the team!

John the Snake have been here doing some stuff on the Scania and helped Max out with organizing the lights in our tents (in the rain of course) after 5-6 years finally!

Sofi have been cleaning up the roll out kitchens and organized them so we only got what we really need in them instead of way to much junk!

After a really long day it’s nice with some beers and just hang out! 😉

We also started to get the new trailer based weather station in place!

And we have finally got the stereo mounted after laying around for a year or so!

We have done some race BBQ practice at the shop on the new grill and Max is the man for the job of course! 😉

The front part of the trailer is finish packed with the tents so we are ready to leave the shop when it’s time for it!

Sofi have done som welding fabrication just like always and also started on the new living room table, Krille have got the new generator in the right place!

We still have more from the trailer work weekend! 😉 During Saturday I was Superman for a while on a ladder on the side of the trailer wall drilling holes for the weather station sensor, yes it did of course rain because it was outside work!.. Like always!… 😉

So with that sensor in place we finally got the weather station up and running, feels good for sure because I have already sold the old one!

Sofi got our kitchens all done and even cleaned up!

After that Sofi and Krille got the new carbon fiber living room table in place, a table that got for over 10 years just laying around and finally found a place to use it!

Then during Sunday we got a tool for the Lenco made by Jonnie Lindberg Motorsports mounted on a bench in the trailer, a really good thing to help Max out when working on the transmissions!

After that we tested everything on our roll out kitchens, and thanks to Sofi everything is organized and clean, all electricity works thanks to Dennis and we got warm and cold fresh water and also a pump that takes the waste water to the tank thanks to Rörmekano in Vallentuna! A huge thanks for that! 😀

We finished up the weekend with some BBQ practice again, of course in a really nice weather, probably because we were done with all the outside work! 😉

Pretty much a real clean up of the trailer is all that’s missing right now! 🙂

Really soon it’s time to start work on the Chevelle again, kind of look forward to it! 🙂

Here is the last stuff that’s been happening on the trailer during the first part of 2022 from mid January to mid February!

Starting below with January 16!

Time to make some progress on the trailer again! Me and Sofi spent some hours getting the last cabin mounted in the rear right part of the trailer, looks a bit better when you are able to hide the mess behind 2 doors instead of being able to see all the stuff!… 🙂 Thanks to Bengtssons Smide for your support helping us with fabrication and material! 😀 Now it’s time to make a plan inside the cabin so it will fit all the stuff I want to have in there!…

Below is from the end of January.

What a SUCCESS!! 🙂 A couple of weeks later me and Max finished the storage cabin in the right rear part of the trailer! Finally a place for all stuff to be instead of having it on the floor everywhere and also a real mess to make sure it won’t move around when out on the road!… But now that is not a problem anymore! Think it turned out really nice, organized and are able to hide it, really like that! 😉

Thanks to Bengtssons Smide for the support with material and some fabricating! 😀

Next was to make the front storage area inside the trailer easier to organize so we don’t need to take out all the stuff every time we need something, think this simple solution was great! 🙂 Pretty much just a wooden board and we have two planes to have stuff on without the need of lifting heavy stuff too high and also like it is now we can reach everything much easier!

Not much left to be all done with the stuff I want to have in the trailer!! Will it be done this year!?

We will see I guess!!

Then I got a element in place in the tuning office, good for cold rainy days at the race track! 😉 Also got the tuning office cleaned up a bit and it feels so good that I made this corner like this, it’s here all the record setting stuff happens! 🙂 Made a place for all the brooms to be at and also so they will stay there when we are out on the road and not everywhere in the trailer! Then I got som speakers mounted in the roof, they have been laying around for almost a year now and I got this idea for about 5-6 years ago when we did remove the old lamps that was there earlier, a perfect place for speakers so we can have the track radio on and also for those record setting party evenings of course!

More awesomeness during the first week of February when I got the trailer cleaned up really good! It’s kind of crazy what a huge mess I’m able to create just by making some work inside the trailer!

It feels so nice to finally see that the light in the tunnel is close (and no it’s not a freight train coming) pretty much the only thing that is missing now is a calendar for the dates so we can go racing!….

How awesome!?? 🙂 Me and Sofi got the bathroom door finished and mounted in the trailer, thanks to our awesome partner Bengtssons Smide that helped us out fabricating the parts we needed! After that we also got some other stuff in place in the bathroom, right now it’s just some small details that we are missing and we can call the trailer bathroom ALL DONE!!

And this have been possible thanks to a lot of special people, both when it comes to the parts and also the work they have spent on it for me!

Last stuff that is made on the trailer in the mid of February is that we got some lamps mounted at each bed, maybe a good thing if you want to read a book or something on a rainy race day! 🙂

Ok, let’s do even more updates about what we have done on the trailer during the end of last year! 🙂

Below is from the end of October 2021!

After many years it was finally time to get the last detail done on the side door installation, a little simple stainless steel strip to make it look just like I want it thanks to Sofi and Max! 🙂

Also I got a pair of protecting roofs over the power in and outlets on the trailer thanks to Björn and Tobbe at TGPAB!

I also made sure to have my own inventory of led lamps to the trailer because I think it might be the worst junk I ever bought… 🙁 Everyone says “go led and you never need to change a lamp again” but if you ask me it’s just bullshit because the ones I mounted new when I switched out all lighting on the trailer a couple of years ago doesn’t have many hours on them but I have changed 3 and I got 2 more that is on the way to go out… really bad if you ask me!…

Ok, let’s do some more of this about what we have done on the trailer! 🙂

We made a little break on the trailer work during the summer of 2021 but in the end I September it was finally time again and we did install a sender in the waste water tank so we can see how much that’s in it, we also did the last stuff checking through the brakes fixed some lose backing plates / shields and got all moving stuff to move like that should and lubricated so they will continue to do that!..

And then we switched out the air ride leveling valves just to make sure they are ok and when we did I made it really easy to adjust the “standard” ride height on it just by moving a rod in a bushing so we really easy can lower it when we get to Germany next year (hopefully) on our way to England and Santa Pod Raceway!

Soon it’s not much big stuff left to do on it, just a lot of small stuff!

But it feels pretty good to see some kind of light in the tunnel! 😉

And then in mid October I felt it was time to start prepare for the 2022 season and go to Opus Bilprovning in Görla Norrtälje for the yearly inspection so we will be able to use our rig on the roads! 🙂 The year before I did not care about it because of Covid and I was pretty sure 2021 would be a year without racing for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing so why waste money on it, right!? Anyway we did fix some stuff on the Scania truck last year to improve stuff we did know needed som TLC! 😉 And during 2021 we did continue to work on the trailer whenever we found some time for it, new air bags, new stuff in the ride ride system, found and fixed some issues with the brakes and much more when it comes to getting the trailer finished everywhere! And that payed off and also of course thanks to the great guys with an awesome customer service at the inspection place, just top notch if you ask me! 😀 That made us one big step closer to season 2022, really don’t know what it have to offer for us but we will be prepared for it and decide when some kind of series comes out in public!… This was actually the first time in 13 months that the rig left the shop area! I can tell it was happy to go for a ride! 😉

Pretty much direct after the inspection we finally after more then five years start to get satisfied with the front storage area! 🙂 Think it was in May 2016 that I connected some new led lamps and made a plan how it should look when I’m done with it, that’s was in October 2021!…

All stuff that can get damaged and are in the way when loading and unloading stuff is moved to a safer place, all air hoses and electrical stuff is cleaned up, we got a functional bathroom thanks to a fresh water tank from Bengtssons Smide, water pump and water heater from T.Grundström Plåtslageri and plumbing for waste and fresh water from Rörmekano in Vallentuna! I think it is just AWESOME GREAT!!

The life on a race track will be way more easier and soon, really soon I will be able to say the the trailer is done! 🙂 Feels really strange! 😉

Soon more to come about the trailer, stay tuned!

Ok, long time ago something happened here… But we have been doing things, especially on the trailer! 🙂

It’s time for an update!

Following pics are from the end of May 2021!

Me and Sofi did finish up the last stuff when it comes to the fresh water tank, she installed threaded bungs in the cap on the tank so we can fill it and get water to the water pump, ventilation for the tank and then also the fresh water tank sender unit so we simple can see how much water we got left! 🙂 Just excellent! 😉

Then it was time for some bathroom progress!

And how awesome is this!? 🙂

Peter from our partner Rörmekano in Vallentuna went by the shop and installed a new sink, shower and got all the plumbing stuff done in the trailer bathroom! And it looks just great, soon we will have a fully working bathroom in the trailer so it will be pretty much like being at home when we are at the track!

It’s all about having a good time and you will when everything around you is simple and good! 🙂

Plan was that he would continue with the rest of the plumbing stuff to the fresh and waste water tank but instead me and Sofi got a visit by COVID-19… 🙁 So we needed to cancel that for the moment!… But soon we will be able to wash our hands and take a shower next time we are going racing.

A huge thanks to Rörmekano for your support! 😀

Then due to the Covid shit I decided to cancel all the racing during 2021 so therefore it took to the end of August before we did some more progress on the trailer!….

But what an awesomeness! Me and Max got the water pump and water heater installed in the right place and then after that Peter and Patrik from Rörmekano in Vallentuna went by and did install all of the fresh hot and cold water tubing waste water tubing and I think it looks great! 🙂 I assumed all of that would take way much more space so this made me really happy because this is our storage space for our tent, tables, benches and much more that we got our in our pit space! Now when this are done I can do the last clean up when it comes to all the air tubing and electrical stuff in this area that looks like a real mess!….

After that it’s time to make the last things to make it a really smart storage area so all the stuff in there will have the special position to make it really simple to unload and load it!

Stay tuned, more new old news to come soon! 😉

Finally. That turned out AWESOME!! 🙂

Looks great! Doesn’t it!? 😀

Pretty big difference compared to the look earlier.

After 13 months the rest of the Gladiator Garage Works Flooring is installed on the bottom floor in the trailer! It all started thanks to my old school friend Björn Linde that got some pieces over after putting a floor like this in his shop and I’m happy for that! Thanks to Gladiator Garage / Bara Kök & Bad for a great service and a good deal on the floor!

Feels really good to see this, I really like the details and it starts to look like I want to have it!

Now it’s not way much work left to do on the bottom floor and the upper floor is close to finished, it really start to feel that the trailer might get pretty much all done by the end of this year!

I also bought some new air bags for the trailer last week and I did hope that we might get one changed out just to see if I got the right stuff but Max made an awesome job and changed out all 6 of them even that the weather was against him with some rain, sun, snow, hail, blue sky, cloudy sky etc. like 500 times during the last weekend!

The biggest problem was that we needed to remove the fridge and a cabinet and make some holes it the interior to get access to the two bags in the front on both sides!

Just great! 🙂 Hopefully less problem in the future!… 😉

Ain’t this just awesome!

More storage space created thanks to some ideas and our partner Bengtssons Smide that helped out and fabricate some aluminum pieces that I could mount in the trailer with help from Sofi and some help from Björn from T. Grundström Plåtslageri because I needed to do some changes and he helped me out with it! Awesome people can make awesome stuff together!

A while ago we continued to look at the uneven brake power from side to side on the same axle because we got some sun and pretty decent weather to work outside in, that of course switched to some crazy windy and cold weather as soon as the tire and brake drum was off!.. BUT the good part, we probably found the real problem with the brakes, there is roller bearing on both brake shoes that attaches to the axle that forces them apart to contact the drum when braking, that roller bearing was not a bearing anymore, it was just a rusty solid piece… But with a hammer and some big tools we got it apart and now it’s back together again with a lot of copper paste so it hopefully will last for a while now, just got 5 more wheels to do the same work on and then the yearly inspection to see if it’s good or if we need to adjust the brakes to make them work like they should…

It at least feels good to spend time working on the trailer again! I really have a plan getting it done this year so we are able to make a full race season next year and not work on the trailer.

Much more to come soon! 🙂

Got some more stuff done on the trailer during January! And It’s all about the details, and it turned out REALLY NICE!! Well at least that’s what I think! =D

Felt awesome making some progress on the trailer again, been on my way for a long time to do this but it’s always hard to find the time and spirit to do things but after some weeks off from work during Christmas and New Year I found it again!

Finally, it’s time to hide all the ugly looking electrical wiring and so up in the roof behind some aluminum! 🙂

Thanks to our partner Bengtssons Smide for material and fabrication and Sofi for helping me out make the last stuff on the parts and install them! <3

It did turn out nice, didn’t it!!

Then a couple of weeks later I spent some more time on the trailer starting to finish up the right side above the side trailer door.

I got some aluminum strips in place to cover all the ugly electrical cables and it made it all done and complete!

And when I was doing that I did install a fresh water and waste water gauge so it will be easier to check when it’s time to fill or drain them!

Also I did install one more storage box on the side door to keep stuff that you need close when we are out in the pit.

One more time thanks to Bengtssons Smide for supporting us and helping us out fabricating a lot of stuff that we need so we can get the last things done and maybe have the trailer pretty much all done during this year! (Well it will never be “done” but it might be finished at least) 😉 I really like all the details that makes it look good and clean, don’t you!?

Soon I’m all done with the front part of the bottom floor and I also get more storage room to hide stuff in all the time! 🙂

After the metalwork I did some update on the IKEA bureau we got in the trailer, I really don’t think it is supposed to be moved around like we do to be able to load 2 cars in the trailer… So some metal pieces mounted in it will make it stick in one piece from now on I hope!

The trailer mess is nicely cleaned up for Christmas! I don’t understand how it always ends up like a crazy madness every time you start on a new thing to finish up!?

But it turned out REALLY NICE! Soon time to continue the work and make a new mess in it! 😉

Ain’t that just great! 🙁 I know it was a really quick and shitty paint job on the truck and trailer after all the mess I saw on it and the stuff that did get destroyed plus the LONG wait to get it back!… We did have a deal on the job but after all the stuff I found out I refused to pay and haven’t said a word to the person since!… And now just like I assumed already when I did pick it up, they did a way quick sanding job or no sanding at all and like you can see the wrap is getting loose now!… And no it’s not a bad wrap because it takes the new white paint with it and the old paint is under and I can’t see that any sanding have been made here! So as soon as I get the trailer done it’s time to remove the wrap and sand it down completely and then paint or just wrap all of it instead, life is good!!!!