Finally. That turned out AWESOME!! 🙂

Looks great! Doesn’t it!? 😀

Pretty big difference compared to the look earlier.

After 13 months the rest of the Gladiator Garage Works Flooring is installed on the bottom floor in the trailer! It all started thanks to my old school friend Björn Linde that got some pieces over after putting a floor like this in his shop and I’m happy for that! Thanks to Gladiator Garage / Bara Kök & Bad for a great service and a good deal on the floor!

Feels really good to see this, I really like the details and it starts to look like I want to have it!

Now it’s not way much work left to do on the bottom floor and the upper floor is close to finished, it really start to feel that the trailer might get pretty much all done by the end of this year!

I also bought some new air bags for the trailer last week and I did hope that we might get one changed out just to see if I got the right stuff but Max made an awesome job and changed out all 6 of them even that the weather was against him with some rain, sun, snow, hail, blue sky, cloudy sky etc. like 500 times during the last weekend!

The biggest problem was that we needed to remove the fridge and a cabinet and make some holes it the interior to get access to the two bags in the front on both sides!

Just great! 🙂 Hopefully less problem in the future!… 😉

Ain’t this just awesome!

More storage space created thanks to some ideas and our partner Bengtssons Smide that helped out and fabricate some aluminum pieces that I could mount in the trailer with help from Sofi and some help from Björn from T. Grundström Plåtslageri because I needed to do some changes and he helped me out with it! Awesome people can make awesome stuff together!

A while ago we continued to look at the uneven brake power from side to side on the same axle because we got some sun and pretty decent weather to work outside in, that of course switched to some crazy windy and cold weather as soon as the tire and brake drum was off!.. BUT the good part, we probably found the real problem with the brakes, there is roller bearing on both brake shoes that attaches to the axle that forces them apart to contact the drum when braking, that roller bearing was not a bearing anymore, it was just a rusty solid piece… But with a hammer and some big tools we got it apart and now it’s back together again with a lot of copper paste so it hopefully will last for a while now, just got 5 more wheels to do the same work on and then the yearly inspection to see if it’s good or if we need to adjust the brakes to make them work like they should…

It at least feels good to spend time working on the trailer again! I really have a plan getting it done this year so we are able to make a full race season next year and not work on the trailer.

Much more to come soon! 🙂

Got some more stuff done on the trailer during January! And It’s all about the details, and it turned out REALLY NICE!! Well at least that’s what I think! =D

Felt awesome making some progress on the trailer again, been on my way for a long time to do this but it’s always hard to find the time and spirit to do things but after some weeks off from work during Christmas and New Year I found it again!

Finally, it’s time to hide all the ugly looking electrical wiring and so up in the roof behind some aluminum! 🙂

Thanks to our partner Bengtssons Smide for material and fabrication and Sofi for helping me out make the last stuff on the parts and install them! <3

It did turn out nice, didn’t it!!

Then a couple of weeks later I spent some more time on the trailer starting to finish up the right side above the side trailer door.

I got some aluminum strips in place to cover all the ugly electrical cables and it made it all done and complete!

And when I was doing that I did install a fresh water and waste water gauge so it will be easier to check when it’s time to fill or drain them!

Also I did install one more storage box on the side door to keep stuff that you need close when we are out in the pit.

One more time thanks to Bengtssons Smide for supporting us and helping us out fabricating a lot of stuff that we need so we can get the last things done and maybe have the trailer pretty much all done during this year! (Well it will never be “done” but it might be finished at least) 😉 I really like all the details that makes it look good and clean, don’t you!?

Soon I’m all done with the front part of the bottom floor and I also get more storage room to hide stuff in all the time! 🙂

After the metalwork I did some update on the IKEA bureau we got in the trailer, I really don’t think it is supposed to be moved around like we do to be able to load 2 cars in the trailer… So some metal pieces mounted in it will make it stick in one piece from now on I hope!

The trailer mess is nicely cleaned up for Christmas! I don’t understand how it always ends up like a crazy madness every time you start on a new thing to finish up!?

But it turned out REALLY NICE! Soon time to continue the work and make a new mess in it! 😉

Ain’t that just great! 🙁 I know it was a really quick and shitty paint job on the truck and trailer after all the mess I saw on it and the stuff that did get destroyed plus the LONG wait to get it back!… We did have a deal on the job but after all the stuff I found out I refused to pay and haven’t said a word to the person since!… And now just like I assumed already when I did pick it up, they did a way quick sanding job or no sanding at all and like you can see the wrap is getting loose now!… And no it’s not a bad wrap because it takes the new white paint with it and the old paint is under and I can’t see that any sanding have been made here! So as soon as I get the trailer done it’s time to remove the wrap and sand it down completely and then paint or just wrap all of it instead, life is good!!!!

More stuff is done on the trailer, and some stuff are moving backwards!.. 😉

The sealing and frame around the side trailer door is finally fixed after 5 years!… 🙂

A couple of weeks ago Me, Max and Sofi did start on the waste water tank plumbing, to finally get the rest of the bathroom ready for next years racing! (hopefully)

We also took the brakes apart again to try find the reason that we always get uneven brake power on the front axle on the trailer and try to solve the problem for real now this time!…

And then the electric motor to the air compressor that we finally installed in the right place broke down…. 🙁

And then of course some goofing around! Remember to always try have some fun when doing boring stuff… Like repair air compressors…

The weekend after me an Sofi continued with the waste water tank plumbing, and we found the perfect windy weather for it that also included rain!…

But it turned out really nice anyway with some extra work around to make the welding possible to do!…

And then the week after that Peter from Rörmekano came by and helped me to start on the waste water tank ventilation tubing, much appreciated!

Then I went by Bengtssons Smide and picked up some stainless steel stuff that they helped me fabricate with a really short notice! Nothing of this would be possible without the help from our partners! Thanks and thanks again!

So I could put on some insulation on the the waste water tubing and then put the protection housing in place that they fabricated for me.

Then I changed the electric motor, made a oil change, cleaned up and installed the air compressor again in the trailer so it will be ready to go to a race track, I hope it will work for a while now without problems!…

Then that good feeling you get when you have finished something you started about 5 years ago! 🙂 Been on my way for a really long time now to seal up around the trailer side door and then mount some kind of stainless frame around it to make the door installation complete and have it off the “to do list” 😉 And it for sure turned out really good, finally it looks done and I am super thankful that Bengtssons Smide could help me with a short notice and fabricate the parts I needed!

More small stuff done on the trailer!

Been thinking about doing this for a couple of years now! And finally me and Sofi spent some hours about a week ago and got some sheets of aluminum in place that I got from our partner Bengtssons Smide mounted in the roof on the lower and upper floor, more and more stuff are getting done and we are not far away from saying that the whole upper floor is all done!

And I have also got an rain deflector mounted above the rear door because the water from the roof hits just above the door and I get water in to the trailer!

And It’s all about the details! 😉 And of course hiding the ugly stuff!! 🙂


And after, way much better!! No ugly pipes!

A huge thanks to Bengtssons Smide for helping me out whenever I need some parts to the trailer! More and more stuff are getting finished on the trailer, I actually start to believe it will be pretty much done to next season! 🙂 And all because of our awesome partners that helps us out in some way, I really appreciate it!

Last weekend me and Max did install our Cinderella Comfort incineration toilet in the trailer!

Finally, we got a toilet in the trailer and there is no need to handle the number 1 and 2 stuff!… All that will just end up as some clean ash and that is something that I don’t have a problem to deal with! 🙂

First take the biggest guy in the team and put him on the toilet so see if he sits comfortable! 🙂

Read the instructions, once, twice and maybe a third time! Better safe than sorry when you are going to make two BIG holes I the wall!

Ready, steady, go! Scary moment but it turned out really good!

When we where making holes in the walls I took the opportunity to install a PAX fan to get the moisture out from the bathroom when we are using the shower!

Some metal tubing to put in the walls to make sure we don’t get any more moisture in them!…

Of course we did chose the best day possible with a lot of rain to make big holes in the trailer wall and be outside and install the necessary stuff around it…! 😉

But after all we got it done but we were freezing our asses of!!!..

Sunday the weather was way much better and we could continue to install the last stuff on the outside, exhaust pipe and the fresh air inlet!

And yes we will remove the upper part of the exhaust pipe and mount a cap over the tubing when we are out on the road!

It was a pretty simple installation procedure and I think it will be Event simpler to do it in a house, just like always with the trailer we have the problem the this “house” need to be able to go down the highway in a rain storm without getting any rain water into it!…

That causes a lot of thinking about how to solve problems with ventilation valves the are simple to open and close and all the stuff around that!

Plastic tubing installed in the wall and sealed really good, we are ready to install the toilet!!

Final installed! 🙂

I think it all turned out really good, and also it looks good in the bathroom!

Ready to use!

Burning poop! 😉

Want to get a really good product that is simple to install and use? Well this is what you want for sure!

Contact Cinderella Eco Solution in your country!

And thanks again to Glenn at Sprinkler Resurs for helping me with the toilet, thanks to Erik Roos at Cinderella for helping me get the correct model, thanks to Hasse at Westlund & Persson Bygg AB for helping me out getting the bathroom ready and thanks to Peter and Patrik at Rörmekano in Vallentuna for helping me out with parts to install the toilet! =D

In June I bought some paint to finish the floor on the upper level! But then just like always things never turn out the way you plan so instead a couple of weeks ago me and Sofi finally made some time to get the paint on the floor!.. 🙂

And it did turn out pretty nice don’t you think!? =) It starts to look all done! Finally!!

Compared to where we started before we got the paint on the floor!..

First, clean the floor REALLY good!!..

The to the fun part, see the difference!!

I’m really satisfied with it, really start to see a little light in the tunnel really far far away! 😉

And in the sofa I got presents from my sister Sara and cousin Marcus, pop pillows! Really don’t know how I should take it but it’s fun to have them around! 🙂

Yesterday me and Sofi went to Lastvagnsverkstan in Smedjebacken and adjust some brakes on the trailer! 🙂

Felt kind of strange to have a working Sofi beside me and not a zzz zzz Max! 😉 This was actually the first time I did drive my own rig all by my self and also the first time I drive something like this since I got my driving license 19 weeks ago!

A huge thanks to Jörgen Berg at Lastvagnsverksta’n in Smedjebacken for helping me out getting the trailer brakes to work properly! Now we got 2 axles that works just like they should and I now know that I need to put on new brake shoes on the first axle to get the brakes on that to work like that should, nothing big but they are a little bit too much un even from side to side!… But that is something I will take care of in a couple of weeks or so!

More trailer progress last weekend, if you feel you got a lot of time and want a couple of extra days of work…. 😉 Install a fresh water tank in the place where you used to have your air compressor and then modify the air compressor to fit on top of the tank so it won’t take so much space in the trailer! But it for sure looks good and that’s important to me! 🙂 We are moving on with the trailer and more and more stuff on the to do list are getting done! Once again a HUGE thanks to Bengtssons Smide for fabricating the fresh and waste water tank to our trailer!