2013-07-26, Summer Nationals

Tierp Arena


Summer Nationals @ Tierp Arena.

This was the second outing for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing this year.

We were done really early on Thursday with the packing of the bus and trailer so we did leave Täby around 10.30 and arrived to Tierp Arena around lunch when they opened up the gates for the race teams. It was CRAZY good weather!! 🙂 Packed out all the stuff, built tent and so, did get something to eat and then it was time to do some service on the Chevelle, checking the clutch, transmission, re-torque the cylinder heads, etc. After that we just had a good soft time taking a beer and looked at all the other teams that arrived and worked whit there pits.

Friday. We got up in the morning to a really beautiful weather, got something to eat, warmed up the car and did the last tuning stuff to it, first round out we made a 4.34 and 261km/h did shake some and got of the throttle.. Second run we made a 4.19 and 265km/h, a new personal best on 100 meters and then a little shake so I was off and on the throttle for a while…

Saturday. Now after the runs on Friday we did have some graphs to look at and after some thinking, guessing and playing with numbers we had a set up in the car for the third qualifying round! But did just shake the tires about 1.5sec in to the run…. Qualification run 4 ended up with a pretty long waiting, I think it started to rain and stopped about 3-4 times and then when we were in the lineup and just got one pair in front of us it started to rain again, and really much…. But after like a half an hour it stopped, the crew at Tierp Arena made an awesome job cleaning the track and make it ready really fast again. Left the starting line pretty good, but hit a shake again… Off and on, little bit to the left and to the right and up with the front wheels in the air a couple of times…. But the car felt really good of the line, so we start to figure out how to take it of the starting line and at least a bit out now! 🙂 We ended up as number 7 in the qualification ladder of total 21 cars.

Sunday. Time for elimination! First round out was against Jan Egil Kvalvik in the Nitrous Vette, left the line really good did shake some, was of the throttle for a while and saw Kvalvik on my side and did think win or lose now, so back with the pedal to the metal and the car just flew down the track! Felt really good, I could really feel the power from the engine! I did win the race and made a new personal best again!!! 4.105sec and 298.51km/h!!! The speed tells us that we got a lot of power in the engine! =) =)
Serviced the car and was ready to meet Micke Nord in the second round, did leave good but we did miss one thing before the run, the weather changed so we did loose power in the engine and did not follow with the clutch… Did hit a shake, was off and on the throttle a couple of times, spun again, shake again got the shift light in my eyes rev the engine to fast so we broke the blower belt…. I can say that it feels pretty strange when it happens, felt like I was about to fall out through the windshield..!! =) Well of course we did lose, congrats to Micke and team!

I would like to say a BIG thank you to all involved this weekend, Åke, Marcus, Simon, Max, Jocke, Carin, Frida, Emilie and Adam, you all made it work. Without help, you are nothing!!!

Would also like to say thanks to our sponsors and other partners because this was the last outing this year for us because of different reasons, most time that we not got enough of…. Well only 11 hits in the car for us in 2013 but I am more than happy and really satisfied with how it works with all the new stuff in it and that we start to figure out what it wants for a tune up from us, and we know it will be really fast when we get there all the way with the tune up!

Now I really hope that we will be able to do the whole Top Doorslammer series 2014 and of course win it! 😉 Will keep you updated until we will see each other on the track next year.

Take care!



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