2012-07-20, NHK Nationals

Sundsvall Raceway


Really nice weather but no racing…

Okey, the race at Sundsvall Raceway did not end up as i expected at all…. The goal when we was heading for Sundsvall was that i wanted to do my first ever full pass with the car on a good track, but it did not go that way at all! 🙁
I know that SHRA Sundsvall have got some problem with the track in the future and especially on the starting line and to this race they promised that all the problems should be solved. So after the drivers meet on Friday morning i did go to take a look at the track with really big expectations! But it was just a joke… I would like to say that it did look just like a highway!! So i decided to leave walk over the first run, and after a while they decided that no Top Doorslammer cars should go out on that track at all on Friday. And then on Saturday morning the track looked better but still not good enough for me (i am not such a good tuner or driver yet) and i dont want to hurt my car, so i did leave walk over again, almost all of the Top Doorslammer cars just blew the tires on the starting line so it felt good that i did make the decision to stay in the pit instead. And then i did wait for the second run to see how it worked for the other cars and about 95% of the cars just blew the tires on the starting line again… So after that i decided to go home again already on Saturday evening without any runs at all in the car…. But at least i got my engine and car in one piece…

But i am pretty happy anyway! 🙂 We should not even come there because of all the assholes around me that promise way too much and then just leave me with all the stuff alone..! What happened in Sundsvall is just a little nothing if you ask me!

I feel really sad for Sundsvall Raceway because they have worked there asses of for this and put a lot of money in to the track to make it work, but it feels like they started to work with the track a little too late if you ask me, but i dont know i am not an expert in this area. I just really hope right now that they still got money enough and want to fix this problem to next year so we all can go back to Sundsvall and make some really good runs!!! 🙂

But right now ÅBM Racing are heading for Norway and Gardermoen Raceway in about just nine days!! See you there!! 🙂


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