2014-08-15, Round #5 – Sundsvall

Sundsvall Raceway


TD Round #5 – Sundsvall Raceway.

We started our ride to Sundsvall around 10 am on Thursday and around 4:30 pm we arrived to a warm and sunny Sundsvall Raceway =)

Started really good with nice weather an a really good track!
But we did continue with our clutch problems… Tire shakes, spun the tires and in qualification round 3 i lost traction about 150 meters out and were aiming for the guard rail but with some steering i got the car under control and missed the concrete with a couple of milimeters… 😀

Started better, first round out we made a 4.43s and second a 4.35s then we made a small change to the clutch because it slipped way much in the 2 earlier runs but that made us just go up in smoke directly on the starting line instead…

Elimination day! The day started really, really cold. There was no track at all because of the temperature outside.
But after a lot of problem in our first round out with track prep, driver appeal, some rain we finally made our run that was a solo run because Victor Jansson did hurt his engine on saturday, we made a 4.52s with some steering and off the throttle early….

To second elemination it started to rain when we were standing in the lanes so we did roll back all the cars and waited… And after a while the cancelled the race due to much rain. Really sad for us because we did loose some really easy points there…

Well, thats life!

Right now we look forward to the finals at Malmö Raceway in about two weeks. Hope to see you there!! 😀



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Event blog posts

Back home again! 🙂
Leaving Sundsvall Raceway!
The race is cancelled…
In the lanes for elimination round 2!
At least we did get it of the starting line!
Out in about 30 minutes!
Elimination day!
Nope, again..
Big clean up!
4.43 @ 250km/h in Q4!
And the sun is shining!! 😀
Some adjustments for tomorrow!
Spun the tires directly on the line…
Done again and ready for Q2!
Chasing the guard rail in Q1.. 🙂
Rolling down in about 10!
God morning from Sundsvall Raceway!
Nice evening here at the track! 🙂
Relax some! 🙂
At Sundsvall Raceway! 🙂
Pit stop at Gävle Bro!
Sundsvall Raceway here we come!
Ready to go!