2014-06-06, Test n tune – Gardermoen

Gardermoen Raceway


A shaky test and tune weekend at Gardermoen Raceway!

The trip to Norway started really nice, rain pretty much all the way from the shop and to the track…. 😉

And some rain on Thursday evening when we were unpacking the bus and trailer, of course…. 🙂

But, Friday morning the sun and the blue sky did visit us! And of course the water that comes up through the track surface like it always does in Norway when it have been raining and the sun starts to heat up the track. But the crew at Gardermoen Raceway did work all day with the track and after a long day of waiting it was finally time to make a test pass around 18:00 at the evening. Did leave the line pretty good but did hit a shake because we decided to lower the start line rpm…. And then we got one more test run directly after that, we did some changes but not enough.. The track is good!!! 🙂

Saturday, we got total four rounds! But the two first ones was pretty bad… Spun the tires pretty much directly on the starting line, but that was good anyway because we did some changes and the car did listen to us! =) So, to round three on Saturday we decided to change the whole clutch and that gave really good results! =) Finally, 1.02 to 60ft and we did move the tire shake about 1.5 second out from we had the problem earlier.

In the next round we pretty much made an exactly the same round again so we was pretty happy that it was not just a lucky mistake that made the car work.

Sunday, first round we made a 4.51s run that felt pretty good, to the next we did some changes on the clutch and finally the first full pass for 2014! 4.22s @ 284km/h not amazing good but still a full pass! =)

After that we made two more passes around 4.5s not so good but we found more stuff in the clutch that we can play with! 😉

Anyway, after this weekend everything must be checked on the car, the rear end sounds bad and pretty much everything is loose on the car… 🙂

Now we really look forward to the first race in the Top Doorslammer series in Sundsvall about three weeks from now!



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Event blog posts

Bye bye Gardermoen Raceway!
Way to little clutch in last round!…
Shift light problem….
First full pass for 2014!! 4.22 @ 285km/h!
Better but not enough!
Good morning from a sunny Gardermoen! 🙂
Did repeat with a 1.02 to 60fot!
Yes, 1.02 to 60fot!
Better but….. Not good!….
FINALLY!!!!!!! The car answered to our changes!!!
New hero cards and next test pass around 12:00.
Secund test done and nope…
The track is good here!!!!! 😀
Warmed up and we are ready to roll down soon!
Just like always in Norway…
The Chevelle is checked and approved!
First round for us will be around 15:00.
Preparing the car for first round!
Looks better today! 🙂
Good night from Gardermoen Raceway.
At Gardermoen Raceway, and guess what!?
And we are in Norway!
Lunch and diesel in rainy Arboga!
Leaving the shop and heading for Gardermoen Raceway!! 😀
Morning shopping at ICA Gärdet