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New parts!

 Door striker protection plates Jerry Bickel pn: jbrc2032a
pric: 150 sek
 Progear timing set bbc 1966-1981 pn:pg4110-1t
price: 800 sek
 Comp Cams cam and lifter kit bbc pn: CL11-236-4
price: 1600 sek
 Quarter max throttle pedal stop kit pn: 214101
price: 120 sek
 Valve springs dual 1.625″ outer diameter install height 2.0″ seat
pressure 215lbs 545lbs @ 0.550″ lift max lift 0.750″
price: 1400 sek
 ARP bolt 12pt for fuel pump sbc pn:130-1601
Price: 80 sek
 ARP blower studst pn:100-0601 
price: 650 sek
 ARP air cleaner stud pn:200-0306 got 2
price 40 sek each
 Injector gasket got 4
price: 30 sek each
Moroso crankshaft wiper sbc pn: 25800
price: 120 sek
 Taylor reverser blanket
price: 1300 sek
 Blower gasket front cover GMC universal
price: 80 sek
 Strange steering hub. Missing the pin to weld on the tubing in the
price: 500 sek
 Fuel filter
price: 50 sek
 Toggle valve 3-way Tim McAmis pn:
price: 220 sek
Parachute release cable 8 ft.
Tim McAmis pn: 8CA
price: 500 sek
Parachute release cable 9 ft with mounting bracket.
Plastic knob broken!!!
DJ Safety pn: 911209
price: 600 sek
Wedgelock connector set Tim McAmis pn: tmr-1191k
Pris: 600kr

 Wing support kit Tim McAmis pn: 1251K
price: 1700 sek
Inside door panel fastener kit Jerry Bickel pn:2030
price: 600 sek
Door bumpers Tim McAmis pn: K174 6pc
price: 20 sek each
 Blower gasket 6/71-14/71 3pc
price: 150 sek each

Used parts!


Valve springs Comp Cams pn: 978-16 120lbs @ 1.850″ including
retainers pn: 740-16
price: 1500 sek
 Valve springs comes from a pair of Edelbrock performer rpm heads,
outer dia 1.460″ 115lbs @ 1.800″ 320lbs @ 0.500″ lift maximum lift
0.575″ including retainers and 7 deg valve locks for 11/32″ valve
steam. And 8 valve spring locators.
price: 1000 sek
 Spring seat locators Comp Cams pn: 4704-16
One in bad shape!!
price: 250 sek

 Push rods Comp Cams pn: 7987-1 .80″ wall 8.150″ long 8pc
and pn: 7922-1 .80″ wall 9.200″ long 8pc
price: 1200 sek
 Valve locks Comp Cams pn: 611-16 10 deg 1-groove for lash caps std
install height. One missing!
price: 100 sek
 Differential chevy 12-bolt from a nova 69, not limited slip!!
price:  500 sek
 Hubcap Gm 14″ from a nova 69
price: 800 sek
 Fuel filter nos 2pc
price: 40 sek each
 Stroud neck collar, sfi spec 3.3 oldl,
price: 100 sek
 Oil resistors BBC
price: 80 sek
 Fuel shut off / fuel block
price: 1000 sek
 Blower starter jaw
price: 400 sek

Auto Meter Pro-Comp Memory Tachometers pn: 6809
price: 1800 sek